n the fashion world, 2014 was a ragtag kind of a year full of discordant trends that snuck in through fashion's permeable borders. In an over-the-shoulder look back at the year in fashion 2014, the New York Times on Friday cited five highs and lows and called it a "funny, mixed-up kind of year." We agree, but would also assert that the reason fashion was so strange this year was the impact of some distinctly non-fashion influences. For instance, as the piece mentions, the Apple Watch announcement in September—a pivotal month for fashion— made fashion headlines around the world, but this was news that came not from fashion hubs like New York or Paris or London but from Cupertino, Calif. Similarly, a slew of high-profile designers including Ralph Lauren got into wearable technology in 2014. From the Times: As far as trends go this was, hands-down, the year wearable tech broke through. After months of potential, in quick succession Apple, Samsung and Intel all unveiled their wrist-bound smart-band devices — the latter inking deals with not just Opening Ceremony, but Fossil (for watches) and Luxottica (for eyeglasses), too. Ralph Lauren introduced a smart shirt and smart Ricky bag, and designers from Tory Burch to Vivienne Tam to Michael Kors got serious about the cheap michael kors handbags techie accessory. It was about time: Finally, we no longer had to walk around looking like refugees from a "Star Trek" convention when we wanted to measure our heart rates or charge our phones. We told you about the rise this year cheap michael kors handbags outlet of "normcore," which bubbled up not from the runways but from the streets where people have been making a fashion statement by wearing such "fashions" as nondescript tracksuits, white sneakers with socks, and random T-shirts. The Times declared the trends of normcore and "athleisurewear" as absurdities. Still, the reality is that normcore is having an impact on retail, including this holiday, when there's been a run on suddenly cool L.L. Bean duck boots and sweatpants have morphed into workwear. While it was not one michael kors clearance of the highs or lows cited by the Times, this was also the year that fashion got run out of town in New York, with a group of city park activists succeeding in getting a settlement that will have Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York cast out of Lincoln Center after the upcoming shows in February 2015. The area that the tents took up will be restored to Damrosch Park. Organizers IMG are looking for a new location, but will it be a famous hub like Lincoln Center? In the fashion media arena, Instagram continued to gain ground as a cheap michael kors way for unsanctioned fashionistas to share their ideas of what to wear. Bloggers who gained followings on their own (not courtesy of industry bibles like Vogue) continued to exert their influence. Chief among them is Italy's Chiara Ferragni, creator of the Blonde Salad, who is reportedly set to make as much as $8 million this year. Yes, 2014, was certainly a mixed up year for fashion, but unless the band of fashion outsiders are somehow held back, expect more of the same for 2015.

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