This novel started out well, but my interest started diminishing after the first half I was kind of hoping for a better plot But I liked the author s prose style and how he wrote action. One of the bloodiest little wars in American history serves as the background for this story of high adventure and brutal combat The setting is the island of Sulu in the Philippines, the time immediately after the Spanish American WarThe United States has gained possession of the islands, and American troops are fighting a series of savage guerilla skirmishes with rebellious local tribes The most feared and fearless of these are the violent Moros, headed by a chieftain of unusual intelligence named Jokiri Jokiri lays a treacherous ambush for the foreigners Surrounding a group of Army officers who fall into his trap, he slays and beheads all of the soldiers except Captain Shay Sullivan, whom he takes to his camp There Sullivan faces unimaginable torture and death unless he turns traitor to his country and teaches the Moros American war tactics The Walls of Jolo is the story of what happens to Shay in the guerilla camp when he does battle with Jokiri his only weapons courage, and the fearless love of the Spanish beauty who tries to help him Medina, Jokiri s beautiful adopted daughter