The outside is prettier than the inside A little dry and Victorian, but it the right mood, it might be perfect with a cup of tea Filled with the intrigue of knights and nobles, thieves and robbers, this is a story of friendship and sacrifice A little girl agrees to give up her precious white dove to prove her friendship, and lives are miraculously saved So cute From The White Dove Such is the fate of the evil doer, said the knight he who digs a pit for his neighbour falls into it himself. This is a classic tale of nobles and knights, robbers and thieves, friendship and sacrifice A young girl gives up her precious white dove to prove her friendship and through this act of sacrifice many lives are saved Von Schmid wrote many classic tales in the mid to late 1800 s and this is one of the best A wonderful story This was a great little story We read it as a read aloud and finished it in two days It gets two thumbs up from our household.