If the arrangement of society is bad as ours is , and a small number of people have power over the majority and oppress it, every victory over Nature will inevitably serve only to increase that power and that oppression This is what is actually happening It is nearly half a century since Tolstoy wrote these words, and what was happening then has gone on happening ever since Science and technology have made notable advances in the intervening years and so has the centralization of political and economic, power, so have oligarchy and despotism

10 thoughts on “Science, Liberty And Peace

  1. Carmen Carmen says:

    Written over seventy years ago this slim volume by Huxley speaks directly to the evils of centralization of political and economic power, maybe evenso now than when it was written His depiction of patriotic nationalists as boy gangsters is completely accurate, as can be seen in every nation, developed and developing Not only does he demonstrate clearly the causes of war, but he also offers a realistic framework for global peace and for the end of human misery everywhere.

  2. Mohamed Raef Mohamed Raef says:

    Reading something that had been written so many decades ago yet, addressing the malfunctions of today s world in such clarity is just fascinating Huxley s interpretation on how applied science had been and is still playing a huge role in centralization of power and therefore, creatingconstraints to our human liberties in a seemingly free world is incredibly accurate This is a short read but, definitely food for thought

  3. Hannah Hannah says:

    Like looking into the furture Huxley once again nails it on the headMakes me wonder what our world would be like if had we taken heed of his and otheres like him warnings If science applied hadn t been used to make the few so powerful, hadn t been focused on wepons or warfare where humanity could be

  4. Charles Charles says:

    Although written many years ago, I was amazed at how Huxley s thinking is this nonfiction essay applies to our world today Once again, those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it So true.

  5. Basma Fawzy Basma Fawzy says:

    On page 12, and I am in love already Huxley is truly a man of ideas and a prophet whose vision has reached beyond his own world and beyond ours A Must Read.