Eye rollthat is all. Yay, funny and sarcastic! Jilly's kind of thing!!Minerva is the heroine of our story and she is the kind of girl who makes her other friends look hotter by comparison She's also a bit chubby and hasn't eaten a carb in years In other words, miserable I've always said that you can never be happy unless you eat carbs I went on a carbfree diet for a few months and, although I lost weight, I also went on a killing spree You probably saw me on the news I killed the crap out of tons of pigs You know, because of all the bacon I ate But, believe me, I was unpleasant to be around Yeah, I know that's hard to believe because of all of the joy I bring to your life, but it's true In other words without carbs life is a vast hellscape that never ends until you eat one again Yeah, it's pretty easy to get out of hell Just eat a Snickers.Yeah, but he looks happier after that donut.So poor Minerva is in hell and then her boyfriend breaks up with her because she wouldn't have sex with him To add insult to injury, she hears him making a bet with a hot guy that he can't get her to have sex with him either Minerva does what any raging carbstarved girl would do she decides to torture the hottie who is trying to pick her up to win a bet I approve of this.Cal is the hero who took the bet He isn't interested in Minerva, and she isn't interested in him It becomes a strange antirelationship and you end up just waiting for the whole thing to implode.On the other hand, some people will do anything to win a bet.Their romance is really cute and funny, and they both have friends who become a great part of the story I cared as much about what was going on with their friends as I did about them I kind of wanted them to get their own books, but I was happy enough that Crusie gave us their fates in an epilogue.jennifer Crusie's style of writing is unique I think she will be either a loveorhate author because of it She uses a lot of dry humor and there always seems to be a big cast in her books I am having fun with it, so I think I'll move on to a few . Cute story, but I'm still not sold on Jennifer Cruise.I've read this one and Welcome to Temptation, which are supposed to be her top two books and my feelings for both are overwhelminglyok I know she's supposed to be one of the queens of Chicklit, so this leads me to believe that Chicklit will never be my jam.Which is fine Ok.Min is chubby And Min is always gonna be chubby She doesn't magically lose the weight then find her prince charming And prince charming (Cal) isn't one of those guys who already knows he likes the curvy ladies It isn't until he talks to her that he realizes he finds her interesting and sexy.The problem is, he's taking a break from women because they are nothing but grief!But Min is different And she's worked her way under his skin The back and forth between these two was really cute and sweet And I enjoyed the fact that she wasn't thin One thing I thought was maybe a little odd were all the food references I didn't find the find the scene where he tied her up and fed her donuts all that sexy, to be honest Butto each their own Also, how many times can you eat chicken Marsala before you get thoroughly sick of it? Yikes! Branch out and try something new, girl!Anyway I blew through it in a couple of days and don't regret it one bit Chicklit may not rock my world, but I certainly don't feel like it's a waste of my time. 5 'DONUT' STARS.A fabulously written book with plenty of heart and soul, low on the drama and high on the humour, 'Bet me' is a book that all romance lovers should have on their 'I need to read' shelves My book heart was crying out for a chiclit fix, so with a few recommendations for this book under my belt I decided to forge ahead and reconnect with my first love of reading style This author did not disappoint 'Bet me' was a gorgeously funny and romantic escape and i'm left with a huge smile on my face.What's it all about Minerva 'Min' Dobbs is a slightly cynical, witty and suspicious thirty something who has found herself dumped by a man who she barely liked let alone loved Trouble is Min has an impending wedding to attend as her sisters bridesmaid, throw in the need for a date, two hilariously entertaining best friends, an overbearing mother and a dress that doesn't fit and Min finds herself looking for a replacement man to fill the dateless gap Min is well aware that there is no such thing as a prince charming to deliver her own happilyeverafter especially one who asks her on a date to win a bet Calvin 'Cal' Morrisey is ridiculously handsome and successful, this charmer is not looking for a long term commitment especially with the girl who fails to fall for his boyishly good charms, so the two meet through a dubious bet and fall straight into drama, chaos and the possibility of love, 'Bet me' is the wonderful story of Cal and Min Can opposites really attract?What did I love?Spectacularly well written, witty and full of humour this story is chiclit at its finest The book was so random it was amusing, I could not get enough of this loveable story that I devoured in just one sitting Lately I have found myself so overrun with dramatic books that 'Bet me' was a complete breath of chiclit air I loved both the hero and heroine in this story, I fell in love with Min, she was sassy and vulnerable and I loved her quirky, goofy sense of humour even with her self doubt she was always likeable a great leading lady for the delectable Cal, this hero was outstanding he was sweet and sexy and all things book yummy, I wasthan pleased to meet this duo The book has Great supporting characters and so many point of views in the book I lost count, just know this; it worked and I loved getting snippets of 'life' from all the characters The dialogue between the characters is nothing short of amazing, it is so fast paced and entertaining I was in awe at my reading experience There was nothing that I didn't love about this story and I'm rushing now to read other books by this talented author Amazing intro, juicy in between bits and a deliciously scrumptious ending, I am officially in book love.Final thoughts Jennifer Crusie is obviously an established author, her writing style is flawless and this book had me swooning and laughing in equal measure 'Bet me' brought me back to question myself as to why I've been leaving this genre of book collecting dust on my shelves, its a funny, quirky tale of learning to trust and that love is often found in the strangest of places Whatcan I say? If you are a fan of a romance withlaughs than your local comedy club, then don't hang around, go grab it readers Kisses. 5 Beautifully Insane StarsThis book wasbizarre but so damn charming It was full of light humour and absolutely free of drama It is a book you read when you need something to pick you up I'm so glad I read it!The main characters were mostly insanereally We have Min who after being dumbed by the world's biggest idiot goes into her all men are pigs phase, and we have Calvin, the comitmentphobe, who gets entangled in a stupid bet against his will They are our main couple She is a little chubby and never takes risks, he is a gambler They decide they have nothing in common and won't be seeing each other again But fate has other ideas “What i'm trying to tell you, Min said, is that im going to grow up to be one of those chubby old ladies It's in my genes Like self raising flour i'm going to pouf.That's going to work out well for me, Cal said Because i'm going to grow up to be one of those horny old men who chases chubby old ladies around the couch.” The mean characters were completely insane David the douche makes the bet with Calvin that he can't get Min in bed in a month, just after he breaks up with her, despite the fact that he wants her back Cynthie, Cal's crazy ex, wants him back She is a relationship gourou and she is certain that love can be clinically analyzed and she is meant to be with Cal Don't get me started with Cal's mom, Aka The Iceberg This book strikes for funny and light and the characters reflect it.The friends were just as crazy In this category we have Roger, who glances at Bonnie for the first time and decides he'll marry her(but he'll wait a month before he proposes), and Bonnie who believes in fairytales and princes(Roger is hers) They are both completely adorable, like teddy bears, and perfect for each other And then Tony and Liza, who are the manwhore and the freespirit I'll just say that every time Cal kissed Min, Liza decked him with her purse Need I add anything?? “This is a woman you've known less than twelve hours It took you a year to pick out a couch, but you're seriously—“Yes,” Roger said “She's the one.” The result?? A beautiful mess of a book It was charming and cute and so easily read that you didn't want it to end.*******************Reread June 2015******************* you know that horrible trope (read: flaw) in fiction involving the inability of some (ahem, many) male authors to write even semibelievable female characters? like there's something off about them you can't put your finger on (although usually it's the fact that they talk about having boobs all the time like the novelty hasn't worn off).anyway this book is like if female authors couldn't write believable men (which they can, because empathy, but apparently can't when it's a mid2000s attempt at writing a fairytalelevel romance.)we spend 400ish pages reading about the whirlwind (not a strong enough word) hatetolove romance between Calvin and Minerva yes, those are really their names no, it does not seem necessary.Min's defining trait is that she's fat you may be tempted to yell at me about this, but that would be you shooting the messenger, and also it wouldn't be very nice and please be nice to me all the time forever anyway, there is nothing that Min is calledin these pages than some variation on fat, including: chubby, overweight, round, so on to say CW: fat shaming would be an understatement.it is not only f*cked up, it is very annoying.Cal's defining trait is that he is perfect that's it like this guy is: a 10/10 in looks a 10/10 in body a complete charmer the owner of his own company willing to constantly reassure Min that she is beautiful and her curves are also beautiful as a sidenote, also weirdly into both Min's feet and forcefeeding her food in what is supposed to be, i guess, a Romantic Thing but does not seem that way to me a player but also one who You Can Change droppin' the Lword in under a month amazing in bed totally neutral toward his bombshell relationshippsychologist ex who is actively trying to win him back cool with being yelled at (and hit) by Min, her friends, and her family until Min deigns to fall in love with him the former roommate of the owner of an unbelievably delicious Italian restaurant relatedly, up for delivering free, mouthwatering chicken marsala to your apartment discovering your longlost prized possession after spending a minute in your basement giving gifts and also cats a frequent Krispy Kreme customer a youth softball coach totally down to propose on the onemonth anniversary.he sounds like a robot.bottom line: i wish there was a plot twist to this book and it was like ACTUALLY HE WAS A ROBOT ALL ALONG A ROBOT BUILT OUT OF THE DEEPEST DESIRES OF EVERYONE WHO SAW BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY IN THEATERS.would be a lotinteresting.i actually justenjoyed a rom com, soattempting to recreate the magic Minerva Dobbs knows that happilyeverafter is a fairy tale, especially with a man who asked her to dinner to win a bet Even if he is gorgeous and successful Calvin Morrisey Cal knows commitment is impossible, especially with a woman as cranky as Min Dobbs Even if she does wear great shoes, and keep him on his toes When they say goodbye at the end of their evening, they cut their losses and agree never to see each other againBut Fate has other plans, and it's not long before Min and Cal meet again Soon, they're dealing with a jealous exboyfriend, Krispy Kreme donuts, a determined psychologist, chaos theory, a freakishly intelligent cat, Chicken Marsala, and risky propositions than either of them ever dreamed of Including the biggest gamble of alltrue love Bet Me is the winner of aRITA Award WOW! Great story!Excellent writing!Amazing Characters!Min. Great decision!CalWe KNOW you didn't make the bet so. in the end it made me want to eat LOTS, AND LOTS of Krispy Kreme donuts!. *sigh* 4.5 Fairy Tales Do Come True Stars!It's been a long time since I've read a JC book I remember her always putting a smile on my face and once again JC had me smiling and laughing many times I loved Mim and Cal! Hell I loved everybody in this book! I might have liked it so much because Mim and Cal acted like enemies instead of lovers lol All because of a bet made between Mim's ex David and Cal (which Mim over hears) So Mim starts off hating Cal right away and is quick to shoot down his charming ways They butt heads every time they are around each other They never want to see each other again but fate has different plans for them And when it came to the important stuff they were both there for each other! I loved how Cal made Mim feel sexy about not being a size two He loved to watch her eat He made her eat He also was quick to put Mims mom in her place when it came to her harping all the time to Mim about not eating carbs and dieting I loved how Mim stood up to Cals family and never made him feel stupid because he was dyslexic Elvis (her cat) was awesome! I loved how every time Cal or Mim voiced out loud to themselves that they were never going to see each other again something weird would happen Cal burned his finger or bumped his head Mim stabbed her self with a loose staple Haha! These two had really good friends! They were all wonderful and had each other's back! Oh and Mim had some really cool shoes and she loved Elvis Presley! She had me jamming many times during this book It brought back memories of my mom playing Elvis records when I was younger Haha! This was told through many different POVs and I really liked that a lot I had no problems figuring out who's head I was in lol If you're looking for a light on drama funny read with tons of tension this ones for you! Until recently, this was not available on KINDLE in Europe and I really wanted to read it so what's a girl to do had to order the paperback Loved it No sooner had I the paperback than it became available on KINDLE in Europe What's a girl to do? Download it and read it again Great, great story.