Editors Moore and Slovic have assembledwriters who know and love the Nevada wilderness to testify on its behalf For those who love Nevada, for those who love the world beyond the concrete pavement, Wild Nevada will be thought provoking and vital reading

10 thoughts on “Wild Nevada: Testimonies On Behalf Of The Desert

  1. Zack Zack says:

    When I bought this at Lehman Caves in the Great Basin National Park the ranger that checked me out said, Hey, thats my book Do you want me to sign it It turns out that one of the editors is a ranger at the caves I told a friend of mine this story, and she predicted the outcome, because the exact same thing happened to her 3 years earlier.

  2. Dawn Dawn says:

    different writers talk about the deserts of Nevada, its beauty and wildness and some political aspects as well Home means Nevada to me.