Lee Hill grew up in a tiny village in England and inside that village, he had just one very special friend Lee and Holly are best friends and have almost been like brother and sister since they were five years old Now on a mission in adulthood, Lee must find a way of disowning the sibling relationship he has with the one he truly loves, then finally step out of the friends zone she placed him in a long time ago too One problem – Holly is leaving for a new life in America tomorrowHe now has just one visit to win her heart One chance, to show Holly their love is real, in an attempt to take her back home to England with him Problem is – Lee has lived quite a sheltered life and he isn't expecting all that Hollywood, the American dream and his friend Holly Wood are going to throw at him once he arrives

10 thoughts on “Hollywood Girlfriend

  1. Jo Jo says:

    A typical Jimmy Tudeski comedy that makes you cringe with embarrassment, yet makes you feel good about smiling when reading it too. Very much like your stereotypical rom-com, yet with the dirtiness of Tudeski's writing that I'm gratefully becoming accustom too now. Nice little book, nice little story, really good ending. It's a will they get together, won't they get together book right up until the last page, literally.

  2. Rhoda Wilkins Rhoda Wilkins says:

    Man is friends with girl, man loses girl, man visits girl, man still loses girl. Its basically a story of when, how long and what does he have to do to get the girl of his dreams, mixed together with a load of complication, sex and funny stuff.

  3. Jodie Hill Jodie Hill says:

    A cute little romance with some extra spice

  4. Jean May Jean May says:

    Besides all the humour, this was a very touching and powerful romance too

  5. Music&Booksbecks Music&Booksbecks says:

    A very predictable love story, turned into an unpredictable chaotic frenzy of sexual fun

  6. Petra Petra says:

    Jimmy's got a really nice way of delivering these really naughty adult books, yet making the story even cuter. I waited and I waited for the happy ever after, then it didn't come, or did it?

  7. Emma Daley Emma Daley says:

    I believe you need a certain sense of humour to read a Tudeski book, but it seems I have that sense of humour because I enjoyed this book. The perfect love story, without the perfect man.

  8. Rita Segers Rita Segers says:

    By the time I came to reading this book I was already a huge Jimmy Tudeski fan and love the way he always delivers chaotic smutty comedy through his crazy characters. This book had me slightly concerned before the reading of it, because I had read so many other books covering the famous Hollywood dream before this.

    What we had in this book was a old fashioned guy, set in his ways, living his sheltered life in England. Then we had his best friend Holly (childhood friend) ready to set off around the world and make something of herself. Lee despite loving Holly and wanting her to succeed in life, obviously wants her to fail and stay at home in secret, but Holly nails it perfectly and lands a major job over in America, where after so many years together, their relationship finally comes to an end. What Lee doesn't know when she leaves is he was placed in the friends zone years before this, so despite his dream of marrying this girl one day, in her eyes, he was only ever going to be a friend.

    Without knowing it, Lee follows her to America on Vacation, and finally plucks up the courage to ask her to many him, but before he knows it, he's thrown head first into the Hollywood dream as well and is offered a job. Not only must sheltered and shy Lee overcome a new culture, a new job and a new friend in Holly, but he then faces the challenge of fending off a very famous Hollywood actress, who knows she can have anything she wants and Lee for a little is that something she wants.

    I have read a few reviews that suggest this is an adult version of the movie Notting Hill, but if you're into your movies like I am, take a look at one called Just Friends this is more like the story we have here. Either way, a very enjoyable read, one that had me smiling throughout the reading of it.

  9. Piper Crane Piper Crane says:

    I thought this would be the same old story told so many times before - Person goes to Hollywood, person crashes and burns in Hollywood, person somehow turns it around for a happy ending. In this story however... Person doesn't want to go to Hollywood, person hates what Hollywood has to offer (even an A-List actress on a plate) Person simply goes home.

    Cover tells the story perfectly - It's funny, it's sweet, it's the prefect story about a man in the friends zone wanting to break out.

  10. Verity Wilcox Verity Wilcox says:

    Now this was a good comedy. A Lee Evans goofy style lead, a Hollywood actress up her own arse and a desperate character trying to make it in Hollywood (called Holly) placing her poor friend in the friends zone, leaving him behind, then not leaving him behind. Sound confusing? That's what this was - A love triangle in comedy form, confusing to keep up with, but a joy to read.