Aurora and God is a book about a young woman who lost her boyfriend, Tom, to a traffic accident several years ago and have been dealing with the pain ever since Becoming depressed, she resorts to drugs and becomes rebellious towards her family and friends She is determined to stop believing in God due to the tragedy, but ironically enough, she still battles with Him internally in her own anger, always questioning His willDespite her shortcomings, Aurora's family and friends love her very much Her parents continuously try to support her to overcome her anger and depression After many unsuccessful therapy sessions, Aurora's father arranged a final therapy session for Aurora to see a priest, Fr Sebastian Aurora reluctantly obeys her father but not without a quarrel as she was skeptical about seeing a priest Soon, Aurora becomes acquainted with this priest, Sebastian, but not without some resistance from the start, and they imbue a beautiful friendship of romance and teachings about God Sebastian slowly distances himself from Aurora, hiding his true reasons for that and her family becomes worried that Aurora would go back to her old behavior Will Aurora ever find peace and love in her heart? I was gifted this book and first thoughts were the blurb sounded beautiful, starting the book I have to say I hated Aurora she was mean hurtful and selfish luckily that changed I was hooked, this was an incredible story of overcoming the trauma of loss and finding herself also finding god and falling in love I was so excited to read such an inspirational story that had my heart full in the end!! Great read! A very inspirational story about faith and love I thoroughly enjoyed the book and was absorbed in the story line between Sebastian and Aurora I also enjoyed the side plot on Julia and Noah as the author challenges reallife conundrums including family commitment, love, and loyalty to their spouse Overall, the book has a very homely and family feel imbued with love and a range of emotions from happiness to sadness to redemption in all the characters written A very original book. Aurora and God follows the lives of two sisters, Aurora and Julia, as well as the young Catholic priest who tries to help them weather their personal storms There are some parts of this book that are hard to read, characters I was infuriated with, and situations that made me uncomfortable However, that is often how life unfolds This thoughtprovoking family drama is real, gritty, and emotionally powerful but it’s also full of hope I appreciated the message that while life can be difficult and bad things do happen, if we focus on our faith and turn to God, He will provide the strength for us to get through these problems. This was a moving read From the very beginning I could relate to Aurora, her struggles and her growth as a character throughout the book The emotions in this story are written so that you don’t just read them, you feel them There were some interesting and surprising turns throughout the story as well Beautifully written and moving It truly has a powerful message Must read.