To take such a morbid and depressing storyline and turn it into a light hearted comedy, credit must be given to its writer Never once has each chapter flowed did I ever feel down about what was happening to one of the main characters and even when she started to fade away it was still kept very light, romantic and loving The only thing that stopped this book from reaching 5stars was the end I understand why writer's try to throw in a twist at the end of a book so readers won't see it coming, but this book would have been enough on its own The ending was spoiled for me, but it still was a fast and funny read. Jimmy's best book to date Very funny, fast paced, great story. Never even knew this book existed until it was on a list for a certain challenge Uck It List was hilarious from start to finish It seemed to just fly by after I started it which I think is a good thing? Not really sure Now I've never had a bucket list before. but then again I'm only 28 years old So, who knows what my future self will do one random day.For the people who have done them or have one created, you should maybe dive into this one Not sure if you will have sexy ideas or any of these ideas at all. but I'm not going to lie some of them were pretty good It helped that they were all things she never had the courage to do For me, that might mean bungee jumping off of something I'm not afraid of heights or anything. just the string breaking.Maybe I can do it with a buddy (lol).The one thing I would've changed about this book was the ending It just didn't make sense to me. Hilarious from start to finish If you only had a few weeks to live, what would you place on your bucket list? Morbid I know, yet isn't it better to question this right now, rather than you depressingly admit you still have a million things to place on that list towards the end yourself? Lucy Webster wasn't lucky enough to live a long life, then at just twentyfive she too had to put together a list Together with her heartbroken boyfriend, this is their story; her final few weeks, as they comically work their way through her true dreams and desires A list like no other bucket has ever seen before, where if her life was to flash before her eyes, she would only need to vision this time to feel she achieved it all I was asked by Jimmy's people to read this a few days before its release and as always, I wasthan happy to give it a go and write a review for it When it comes to a Tudeski book and after his first few books were a massive success in my eyes, the bar raised couldn't be much higher Neither the title or subject matter in this new book interested me much, so I was a little worried about the outcome, especially after feeling Hollywood Girlfriend didn't reach that bar a few months ago.The start of this book was very strong, the connection between the two main characters was spot on and despite this being an emotional subject, the book was really funny Some of the things placed on that list I could predict knowing Jimmy's writing and sense of humour, but strangely, it was the simpler situations the couple found themselves in that I enjoyedThe beach chapter was very detailed, very enjoyable and veryvery funny One liners like this A penis that does grow, is considered an ungrateful penis in her eyes not only funny, but very on point too This was the first Tudeski book that didn't border on sexist comedy and actually promoted the strength of both genders What made this book stand out for me was the end I didn't see it coming and as soon as it was finished, it made me think about the book from the start all over again Despite the subject, this was a very good book One of Jimmy's best so far. A very funny book that had me hooked from the very start The best Tudeski comedy I've read so far This one has it all Heartbreak, emotion, hilarious moments, naughty bits I loved every second and for a book of this nature, this sure did surprise me After the failure of Am I Stalker (in my eyes) it was great to see Jimmy Tudeski return to comedy Despite being another highly controversial subject catering for the bucket list, I knew he would pull it off This book had me captured before the end of the first chapter I was engrossed, I was laughing out loud, I was really enjoying it The relationship the couple have together in this book is incredible and the things they tick off the bucket list, priceless I enjoyed every page turn of this wonderfully mucky comedy, untilIt seems Mr Tudeski didn't fully step away from the previous book he wrote with his friend Ashley Clancy I say this because the comedy was good and strong enough without the extra twist on at the end A twist for a thriller is all good and well, but I am sure it could have been left off here and still been good enough.What we have in Jimmy Tudeski is a comedian full of ideas and wit with a raw talent, yet who sometimes tries too hard to please his readers Sometimes Mr Tudeski, less is definitely . I had read a Tudeski comedy before so knew what I was getting into starting this one A romance full of sorrow and laughter, cleverly brought together with a dark subject, strangely made lighter by this authors comical outlook on life Great read, very fun.