I m not a parent, but I think the information in this book would be highly accessible to adults, children, new readers, and mindfulness pros The language is simple and presented in a logical way The suggestions and activities are easy to do and easy to scale as you and your child progress in the practice I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thoughtful, practical and funny A good, easy read with tips that I ll come back to I like that the author is humble she s not a perfect parent either Bonus is that my 10 year old was intrigued by the cover and kept trying to read over my shoulder. Better late than never I do wish I d read this when my people were a little younger Useful, practical, not too preachy. Another down to earth, wonderfully accessible book on how to bringmindfulness into our families Carla provides a framework for mindfulness that is easy to understand and evenrealistically implemented in busy family life Plenty of concrete examples and exercises I only wish I d had this book when my kiddo was younger Pretty simple It really just hammers home the idea of slowing down and teaching your children to be present Well, not really teaching Children know how to be present More like letting them be present and encouraging them to continue to develop that skill I liked that it had a lot of practical exercises. Good stuff and tons of practical tips and a lot of emphasis on your mileage may vary so if this doesn t work you aren t a failure, just try the next thing Some self aggrandizing fluff but easy enough to skip over Probably best for parents and grandparents of younger kids in other words, I wish I d gotten on the mindful parenting train before my oldest entered middle school But as they say in meditation, you can always begin again. Most of the information presented wasn t new , however it is presented in an easy to read understand format with relatable stories from the author Each chapter has applicable exercises to do as a parent and with a child Highly recommend having this book on hand and bookmarking useful pages C mo prevenir, desde el mindfulness, no solo las pataletas de nuestros hijos sino tambi n las nuestrasLa paternidad puede ser estresante y, cuando tus hijos tienen una pataleta, no resulta f cil mantener la calma, por no hablar de calmarlos Los ni os est n aprendiendo a gestionar las emociones intensas y a prestar atenci n y tomar decisiones tiles, pero no siempre lo consiguen Las desagradables luchas de poder pueden hacer que te sientas frustrado y desesperanzado, y tu hijo m s alterado y estresado Pero no tiene por qu ser as , respira es un libro imprescindible, con soluciones reales que os ayudar n, a ti y a tus hijos, a gestionar de forma consciente los retos diarios Gracias a los divertidos juegos, actividades y ejercicios que contiene, podr s guardar la compostura, utilizar el mindfulness con tus hijos y proporcionarles las habilidades que necesitan para gestionar mejor el estr s, las emociones dif ciles y los problemas de atenci n Las crisis son inevitables, pero con este libro sabr s qu hacer para restaurar la paz Un regalo a los padres sumamente atractivo y f cil de comprender que ofrece formas sencillas y, al mismo tiempo, significativas de practicar el mindfulness personalmente y con los ni os Susan Kaiser Greenland, autora de The Mindful Child y cofundadora de Inner Kids Lleno de estrategias sabias, efectivas y divertidas Si todos los padres leyeran este libro, las familias ser an mucho m s felices Elisha Goldstein, doctora en psicolog a, cofundador del Center for Mindful Living y autor de Uncovering Happiness This book is has great basic information on mindfulness and is full of tools for the proverbial parenting toolkit I also found the resource section to be quite good. Breath before acting You re not always going to be a perfect parent