In college, Jackson Thomas and Sarafina Lovell were joined at the hipsoul mates Right up until the day he chose his family business over her Now Jackson is back, and Sara plans to give him one sultry goodbye kiss to prove she s moved on until his sizzling kiss awakens memories of passion too hot to ignoreJackson knows he was a fool to let Sara go, and he intends to win her back To convince her he is still worthy of her love, she ll need a lot of sweet, sensual loving and he ll need a little help from her friends

10 thoughts on “No One But You

  1. Marilyn Diamond Marilyn Diamond says:

    It was a great romantic read..I thought that I had read it previously same story line, but the twist and turns got to me and it was good..Good page turner if you are at the beach or a great gift to a young lady

  2. Krstyle Saunders Krstyle Saunders says:

    i freaken love this book wordscant explain how good this bookis i could not keep my eyes off of it when it got in my hands hope to seefrom you michelle monkou love krstyle

  3. kye_sg kye_sg says:

    aborted halfway boring and not impressed with the meaningless dialogues going on and on.

  4. Jessica Jessica says:

    not thrilled so far, but am cleaning out my bookcase It only got worse If this is a representation of AA romance, then spare me any others.

  5. Angela Angela says:

    I like that the author made to think the couple wouldn t get back together until the end.