This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Noooooo Mari I actually really liked him and Halleigh together if I m being honest..ugh I m excited for the next book, though The Romeo and Juliet of the streets are still struggling to find their way back to each other after fate has cruelly separated themIn order to move up in rank on the streets of Flint, Michigan, Malek knows that he s going to have to deal with some jealous players in the game, but when he s forced to go up against players on his own team, the rules changeHalleigh, on the other hand, learns that everything isn t always how it seems Those who she thought had a foot on her neck, keeping her held down and imprisoned in a life she didn t freely choose for herself, are, in fact, the same ones who might be able to help her escapeIn Flint Book , will Halleigh and Malek end up on the same team But importantly, will it be the winning team Can t wait to read book 4.Man this had been a wild ride What can happen next Treasure Hernandez is turning out to be one of my favorite authors. He d seen enough BlackPeople get the things they wanted, yet end begging for the things they needed. Very moving book You can escape certain things I life but you have to be smarter and wiser about who you choose to become in life This book is like an interesting train that has to many stops pushing people to get off the track Only fate, trust and honesty can get you on the right track Hope and loyalty got the best of them I can t wait to read Resurrection. need to read this book I love it Got my eye, is from Flint and is placing myself as a char A good book need to get the others 1 2 Got my eye, is from Flint and is placing myself as a char A good book need to get the others 1 2 How can I read these books I m trying to read it but I don t see where to go to start can somebody help me Still enjoying this series although it s getting a bit repetative.