Sevenyearold Kevin has been a handful for single mom Sarah Lindstrom, and when the new sheriff walks through her door holding her son by the scruff of his neck for egging his car, she knows she's lost control But can she control herselfand keep the secret she's kept for so many years?Tanner Jones has no idea Kevin is his sonhe lost the right to that information when he abandoned Sarah soon after graduation Just because he's back in town doesn't mean he can waltz into her lifeand Kevin'sto pick up where they left off But Sarah can't deny the feelings she still harbors for Tanner, and can't deny how her son is benefiting from his attentions

10 thoughts on “The Sheriff's Son

  1. Darlene Torday Darlene Torday says:

    Loved this story of two people who meet years later and find they never stopped loving each other. love enough? Read the book and find out. I will hint the author has done a wonderful love story of how people can misunderstand each other because they don't talk enough. I was once told that the other person is not a mind reader. This story is a great example of how sometimes we forget to listen and ask what do you mean??

  2. Readerkuna1 Readerkuna1 says:

    This was a good book. Sarah is a struggling single Mom with a book store. Her son Kevin is getting into trouble.
    Then Tanner Jones come to town and she is surprised.

    They were high school sweethearts and he left not knowing that Sarah was pregnant with Kevin.

    They argue and fight but somehow they find the love that they once had.

    Kevin learns that Tanner is his Dad.

    They find a way to make it work.

    Sarah finally gets the man of her dreams and a father for her son.

    This was a good read.

  3. Karen Machamer Karen Machamer says:

    Another great book from Barbara White Daille. I recommend her books to my friends and family.

  4. Kate Vale Kate Vale says:

    Sarah Lindstrom has told everyone she had a bad marriage and a quick divorce before she came back home with her baby, Kevin, now 7 years old.

    When Tanner Jones, now a deputy sheriff shows up to take the place of an ill deputy, Sarah is horrified. She and Tanner were once a couple in high school and she knows the real story--that Tanner is Kevin's father.

    How can she keep that secret when the boy looks so much like his dad, whom he now wants to emulate--especially because he's the sheriff and even more after he teaches him how to throw and catch a ball? The bigger problem are all the bills Sarah has that her bookstore simply can't cover.

    When Tanner discovers the truth, he asks her to marry him, but how can she when he's only doing so to stay close to his son? How can she when he never said he loved her--although his actions clearly state that he is? And what about her actions? How can she deny that her feelings for Tanner are even stronger than before?