The advent of internet brought a few changes to the world Okay, it changed the world immensely if not completely So I wonder if self published writers like David Moody would have otherwise achieved such recognition in such a comparatively short time if not for the exposure gained through the internet Maybe he might have eventually got his books published or maybe he might have been just another author destined for oblivion and failure While latter is not the case with him (and I am glad for that), but if you are going to read Moody for the first time and that book happens to be much sensationalized and soon to be a major motion picture, Hater, you might think that that might exactly be the case At least I thought that way.Hater starts off with the first attack of the Hater itself and then introduces us to the protagonist Danny McCoyne who is stuck in a dead end job which pays peanuts (also the boss is very annoying) while his story on the family front isor less the same A shitty apartment in an unnamed town in a backward neighborhood A bickering wife (Liz) and three very annoying children A fatherinlaw who openly despises him.So, what is the rest of the story, you ask? That's it The above paragraph just repeats itself again and again until you hate the book itself and then afterthan halfway through, the story advances somewhat But I felt that it was too late to salvage the plot.The most annoying thing is, the ambiguity of the plot is not cleared even at the end I guess you have to read the rest of the series for that.When I heard that Guillermo del Toro was going to produce a motion picture based on this book, I knew I was going to read it before the movie came out You see, Pan's Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies, so that stirred my interest for reading this work Guillermo del Toro still might make an awesome movie out of this, but I won't recommend reading Hater if it is your first David Moody book This was my first encounter with his work, but in retrospect I think I should have started reading David Moody with Autumn instead of this.Who knows, things might have worked out differently. 4.5It's difficult for me to explain this book without giving away something vital But I'll try anyway. I don't want to say anything about this book because it will probably give away something if I do I think that Alfonso should read it, because I'm a little worried that he might not have a contingency plan in place for this scenario Maybe people of the Haters group should too, just because it has some interesting ideas on hate If this is made into a movie properly it could be totally fucking amazing If it's not then it will be stupid Hollywood shit A nice book to read on Valentines Day. The librarian at work recommended this, and Guillermo del Toro gave it praise on the cover, so I'm giving it a go.Just finished it Call me a Hater, but I hated it.Okay, so it's supposed to be a creative retelling of the old zombie story, right? By the way, SPOILER ALERTdon't read anyif you don't want to read spoilersSo imagine a zombie story told from the point of view of one of the zombies Hmm That could be interesting, kind of like classic fairy tales told from an alternate POV That idea has promise But here's my problem with Hater I don't like the main character I never like him Before he changes, or after he changes He's repugnant I understand the concept of an antihero, but even antiheroes have something likable about them Danny has a crappy job and he feels burdened and worn out by family life And because it's told from his POV, we get the message loud and clear how much he hates his life, hates his fatherinlaw, hates his boss, hates his kids, hates hates hates hates hates And then he becomes a Hater He changes for some unknown reason and becomes a killing machine Kill the nonhaters before they get you, even if that includes your own family Am I supposed to like himnow? It's basically goreporn I don't mind violence in movies or books, but the violence in this book seems to exist for noof a deeper reason than because the author thinks it's cool And apparently others do too (Guillermo del Toro bought the film rights? Really?) Del Toro says on the jacket that it's a cautionary tale Hmm About 30 percent of the population changes into killing machines who kill for reasons of selfmanifested selfpreservation They become paranoid psychotics, intent on wiping out the others that are different from them I don't need a cautionary tale for man's ability to do this I already have a big one It was called World War II But okay, I'll cut Del Toro some slack He bought the film rights He's trying to sell books Whatever.The concept I'm still cool with Telling the zombie story from the zombie POV And making the zombieness to be a mysterious transformation where you feel like you have to kill others to protect yourself, because you feel that they'll kill you (even though, except for the soldiers, the nonHaters don't generally make the first move or provoke the violence)okay, that could be interesting.ButMaybe it's because I'm a devoted family man Any time Danny told his kids to shut up, or bemoaned how much they bugged him, or how much his wife nagged him, or how annoying his fatherinlaw was, I lostandempathy for this guy He was a complainer A weakling He's bad with relationships, to say the least If I'm asked to identify with this guy (and by point of him being the main character, I am tacitly asked to identify with this guy) there's got to be something I can relate to Yes, he felt a little bit of warmth towards his youngest child The scene where they fell asleep together was sweet But too soon, it turns into zombie love, where he yearns for his daughter because she too has changed into a killing machine So much for any chance of identification with this dolt.I'm sorry, Mr Moody, but you've written a nasty little book, and not even that well (hasn't anyone ever told you that overuse of adverbs makes for weak writing? And I nearly threw up in my mouth when I read the line This is what I was born to do You've got to be kidding me.) I don't care about Danny, so I don't care about his plight or the war that the ending so dramatically sets up for the sequels (I'd rather drink a glassshard smoothie than read a sequel to this book). 4.5 StarsThis was my second read of Hater I thought that I needed to reread it before moving on to book number two I have recently read the Autumn series and loved it, solidifying me as a fan of David Moody This return to the world of Daniel McCoyne and that of the haters was better the second time around               REMAIN CALM                 DO NOT PANIC                 TAKE SHELTER   WAIT FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTION  THE SITUATION IS UNDER CONTROL  Moody's Autumn series worked by creating a world filled with characters like you and me There were no superheroes in that one, and many were very likable. In this series the Hater series, we have a much tighter focus that centers around one man Dan McCoyne  From the backstory we get on him,  he comes across as a whiner of a man, who appears to detest his children  Many of the scenes with his children made me glad that I don't have any of my own  Even though I wanted to see what happened to Dan next, I neither liked nor disliked him. This extremely short and fastpaced story works by providing  a spin on the postapocalypse genre It plays out like almost all zombie books do, however, there are no undead here  The world, for some unexplained reason, is threatened to come to an end by Extreme violence and killing.  What would happen if the people that you love, your friends, your family, all of a sudden just wanted to kill you?   Jesus Christ I stare deep into the old man's eyes and I'm frozen to the spot with fear      Can this be the same man? He glares back at me with cold, steely eyes filled with an in   explicable hate and disgust I can sense his revulsion of me coming off him  like stench and   I know that for some inexplicable the undeniable reason he wants me dead He wants to   destroy me My legs become weak with nerves as I realize that the hate has finally arrived   in my home.The structure of this novel is a real win I loved, that between chapters we got short snippets of cool stories of violence, rage and death.  Moody, like most postapocalyptic authors, doesn't give us a whole lot of reasons why the sudden change occurred and our world is coming to an end Sure, they mentioned that there is an apparent genetic difference that for some reason now separates us from them, the haters, but they never really figured out why  This type of end of the world scenario has a real feel to it, and it's scary as can be.I am a big fan of David Moody and recommend him to all lovers of the horror genre, and the zombie genre He is an author not to be missed. Hater is an interesting novel with a unique premise I enjoyed it and felt a great deal of remorse for Danny and the life that he was forced to have to struggle through day after day I felt that David Moody did a superb job of creating a cavalcade of characters that were realistically ordinary and relatable The book moves along at a very fast pace and contains many thrilling sequences throughout The novel is essentially a character study of Danny and his gradually declining lifestyle The only negative about the book is the minuscule amount of explanation given as to the origin of the hater population Hopefully the other novels will explain this phenomenonin depth Overall, Hater is a relentless, fast paced, and enjoyable read Winner of the AudioFile Earphones Award A modern take on the classic “apocalyptic” novel, Hater tells the story of Danny McCoyne, an everyman forced to contend with a world gone mad, as society is rocked by a sudden increase in violent assaults Christened “Haters” by the media, the attackers strike without warning and seemingly without reason Within seconds, normally rational, selfcontrolled people become frenzied, vicious killers As the carnage mounts, one thing soon is clear: everyone, irrespective of race, gender, age, or class, has the potential to become either a Hater or a victim At any moment, even friends and family can turn on one another with violent intent In the face of this mindless terror, all McCoyne can do is secure his family, seek shelter, and watch as the world falls apart But when he bolts the front door, the question remains: Is he shutting the danger out or locking it in?©Blackstone Audio It’s US versus THEM with no idea whose side you’re one until it’s too late! What a twisted world I was completely captivated by this story It felt very similar to a zombie book without the walking undead if that makes any sense… No? Well if you read it (and I suggest you do) then it will :) We follow one man, Danny, who is discontented with his job, his family situation and life in general There were times at the beginning of the novel when he was frustrated with kids pulling him every which direction but sane that I felt for him, I really did But in all honesty Danny’s life wasn’t all that bad and I found myself feeling frustrated with him for being so disgruntled Panic spreads throughout his town when random people begin brutally killing for no apparent reason Eventually these people are given the name ‘Haters’ and they are growing in number Danny and his family are forced to stay in, locking themselves in their home and venturing out only for necessities The explanation for the ‘Haters’ left me disappointed I wantedIt felt like this aspect of the story wasn’t nearly developed enough Had there beenattention placed on the reason it could’ve been a truly terrifying tale After writing my review I learned that this is the first book in a trilogy The 2nd book is Dog Blood and will be out this month Knowing there are going to bebooks makes the incomplete reasoning behind the Haters understandable I can't wait to read the next book. Wow! This one hit on all cylinders for me I just finished it and I started it the other day, but I finished reading it the second sitting! I have read a little of the author's zombie books, called Autumn I believe What you have here is an epidemic of Hate Normal people begin to turn into murderous killers, taking other's lives for no reason other than the fell they need to After they do it it seems they are afraid and don't understand why they did it Asandpeople turn they tend to gather together and the remorse is replaced by solidarity The government steps in and finally they bring arms to bear against these maniacs, whom the media has dubbed Haters This story is about Danny McCoyne and his wife and kids, an irritating Father In Law and the events that unfold around their world This takes place in the UK and it is a straight up page turner! The descent into madness that happens around this seemingly normal family is chaotic and strange, and the author gives the feelings and situations that happen around this family life and meaning, fear and confusion The reader is dragged along through this whirlwind of unknowable events until Danny himself is affected and the partial truth of what is going on appears like a shotgun blast!This was so good I finished it and immediately got onand ordered the second book! It's just that good! Read this now, because you have to!!! LOLDanny I liked it but it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be I wanted a bitfrom this and it really wasn't as creepy as I had hoped More of a survival in a apocalyptic type of book With our power out it makes readingfun for me Will do a full review on the blog once I am up and running again 3.5ishMy Opinion:I liked the book, but wasn't a favorite I like the concept of people turning due to whatever it was that turned them (disease) I liked that the survival instinct takes over and how you can recognize that in other people that have the same (disease) I didn't like how we went about killing those that didn't They just saw that they didn't have the disease and said let us kill them first before they can kill us It was a kill first mentality and that's what separates the haters from the regular people.We start out in this story with Danny working a dead end job and then coming to the realization that people are turning into killing machines He is afraid to go to work because he sees people changing and he needs to keep his family safe from these people There is a lot of complaining about his life in the beginning and how bad he has everything, and just, well a lot of complaining Soon, it's all over the news how far spread this is and how people should stay in door and make a safe room which they do and how people are just randomly killing other people And then one day he becomes a hater himself and then he is trying to survive and get one of his children because she is just like him He gets captured and almost dies but he is saved at the last minute and there arelike him that are trying to survive being Haters The book kind of just ends So you have to read the next in the series to find out what is going on Which I do have, but after reading this one, I am not even sure I want to read the next one I might give it a try just to see if the story gets better.I wasn't impressed with the story It didn't grab me and say HEY! READ THIS It didn't even make me feel like I should grab that next one I liked the concept of the book and although the writing was good, I just didn't love this one Which is sad, because, it had been on my TBR list for many years I love horror and thought it would be stellar unfortunately it fell flat as a pancake.I give this book 2.5 of 5 stars!