Stranded Bear Creek sheriff s deputy Matt White is used to being the rescuer, not the rescued But now the hurt lawman s marooned on Catherine Poole s remote homestead The little girl who he d known briefly as a child is all grown up and tugging at his heart.Isolated from the world around her, Catherine s spent her whole life caring for her ailing grandfather The last thing she needs is a cowboy stranded in her home Let alone the memories he dredges up of a past she s tried to put behind her But can this deputy be her chance to finally move forward and find true happiness

10 thoughts on “Her Cowboy Deputy

  1. Janet Robel Janet Robel says:

    A very sweet, clean read Matt and Catherine s love develops over the course of the story which is nice to see I like to mix things up in my reading, so this was a pleasant change.

  2. Paula-O Paula-O says:

    Series Wyoming Legacy book 6 Her Cowboy Deputy by Lacy WilliamsBear Creek is a small town and has one couple with a heart of gold loving children They take in and make them family all are brothers and one sister Matty White is one of the ones that was lucky enough to get taken in whe his parents died leaving him alone.Catherine was not that lucky, she lives outside of town with her grandpa in a soddy She has always had to work hard and does not trust anyone A very bad storm throws these two togetherCatherine has a good heart and offers help to the deputy when he is hurt Their time together helps each to remember the days of childhood when they knew one another for a short while.Isolation has turned Catherine into a different woman then most and she wears mens clothes and works the land from daylight to darkLacy brings a wonderful story from these two and you don t want to miss it.

  3. Sam B Sam B says:

    I really liked this book It was my first book in this series, but now I really want to read the previous ones I think that reading the series in order might help with all the characters, because it did get confusing at times But still I m looking forward to reading the rest of Matty s family romances.This was a really sweet romance I liked that Matty and Catherine s relationship wasn t easy They had to work through some issues throughout the book and that made it even realistic I also loved how this books transported me back in time and gave me a glimpse of Wyoming.I highly recommend it to romance lovers

  4. Kelli Kelli says:

    Such a great book I love romance books so this was perfect for me I especially loved it because it was such a great heartfelt love story but it was also clean I love romance stories but it is often hard to find one that does not have a lot of sex in it This story was awesome I look forward to reading a lot of her books.

  5. Shelly Dabbs Shelly Dabbs says:

    When Lacy started writing books for the Harlequin Historical genre, I started reading her books I have read all of them this one did not disappoint She is a great writer a must read if you love cowboys Keep up the great work Lacy I will be waiting for your next title.

  6. Dianne Sidebottom Dianne Sidebottom says:

    Catherine and Matty s story The society issue that Catherine had for reason not to join town life and activities is not seen as an issue today 100 years later Matty apologises his part in their school days no white dog in this story It is good to have access to books written by ebook and so free from the library here However they don t have all the series on the White adopted children but hey I read what I can I just saw that the kindle edition has been revised back in Feb 2019.

  7. Sharon Phelps Sharon Phelps says:

    Historical romanceIf you are a follower of this series then you should know that Matty s story is just as well told as the rest of the White families love stories If this is your first book, it is a good stand alone book but much better if you do read the series I am glad I found the writer and series.

  8. Kathy Brickert Kathy Brickert says:

    Wonderful story Love reading about this family and all the siblings and their journeys to find love This is Matty s turn Lots of twists and heartache mixed in, but the Lord watched over them all Wonderful tale Great read

  9. Yvonne Marshall Yvonne Marshall says:

    Amazing storyAnother one of Lacy William s amazing reads I am enjoying following the Jonas family, each story different, each exhibiting the lifestyle you would expect from one being raised in this family I would highly recommend this book.

  10. Kelley Marie Kelley Marie says:

    My favorite book in this series so farI loved this book It was really exciting and had plenty of drama mixed in with the romance I can t wait to read the next one in this series.