No music scholar has made as profound an impact on contemporary thought as Susan McClary, a central figure in what has been termed the new musicology In this volume seventeen distinguished scholars pay tribute to her work, with essays addressing three approaches to music that have characterized her own writings reassessing music s role in identity formation, particularly regarding gender, sexuality, and race exploring music s capacity to define and regulate perceptions and experiences of time and advancing new modes of analysis appropriate to those aspects and modes of musicking ignored by traditional methods Contributors include, in overlapping categories, many fellow pioneers, current colleagues, and former students, and their essays, like McClary s own work, address a wide range of repertories ranging from the established canon to a variety of popular genres The collection represents the generational arrival of the new musicology into full maturity, dividing fairly evenly between pre eminent scholars of music and a group of younger scholars who have already made their mark in significant ways But the collection is also, and fundamentally, interdisciplinary in nature, in active conversation with such fields as history, anthropology, philosophy, aesthetics, media studies, film music studies, dramatic criticism, women s studies, and cultural studies

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