I started reading this many years ago but halfway through it, it fell by the wayside Inspired by watching the History Channel mini series Sons of Liberty which only had a passing acquaintance with real history and reading Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan, I picked it up again It s a gr Simply a fun read It s a good introduction for people who know little or nothing about American history, but is also a handily organized, something that you ll keep at arms length for whenever you need to check a fact really quick Not only does it go into detail about the important events, it also gives you little details that you probably didn t know that are somehow related and will stick in your mind There were one or two inaccuracies, but compared to the amount of information available, Simply a fun read It s a good introduction for people who know little or nothing about American history, but On balance, a very well researched work and written in a manner to bring this most important time in our nation s history to life. A good book for those not familiar with The American Revolution. Outstanding read Book read like a novel with lots of interesting side tidbits about the war battles, participants, and non participants Battles were explained with routes taken, strategies employed, and alternate outcomes suggested as well I highly recommend this book to all American History buffs I had some issues with his history concerning Benedict Arnold He just seems to recite the old tried and true He was a greedy opportunist lines of past historians That is not the true picture of the man It is an unfair assessment He also c Being well versed in the history and study of the Revolution even I learned somethings I had never known or come across before in all my studies on this subject That in and of its self is a hard thing to do An excellent book and worthy of one and al Ask Most Americans Why Their Forefathers Started The Revolution, And They Ll Likely Mention No Taxation Without Representation Or The Belief In Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness As Inalienable Rights But That S Just The Start Of The Story, As Historian Alan Axelrod So Brilliantly Shows In This Eye Opening Book Axelrod Offers A Fascinating Examination Of What Really Caused The Breach Across The Atlantic And How The Revolutionary Movement Began The American Revolution Brought Something Unique To The World An Entirely New Kind Of Nation, Founded On A Set Of Ideas In Engrossing, Conversational Prose, Axelrod Brings The Birth Of America To Life By Digging Beneath The Classically Taught History To Explore Everything From Little Known Facts To Alternate Realities, Along With The Eyewitness Testimony, Pop Culture, And Art Of The Period From The Seeds Of Dissent Through The Long Fight To Glorious Victory, The Astonishing Story Of America S Revolution Finally Comes Fully To Light. This book is excellent From the minute I began reading I couldn t put it down my only issue with the book is that it leaves out details on a few key events and people and it merely brushes over them but other than that it is a very good book and I recommend this to everyone. This is a textbook high school, perhaps college level Good to review history now and then, and see how historians may have changed their views about things Remembering some things, and being surprised by others.