In the genre of Dan Millman s The Way of the Peaceful Warrior , join Captain Delightable on a gentle journey a story that traverses Space Time and tells of a love that grows through the ages to discover what is real while searching for the answer to one amazing question What is possible if one truly believes Former Ship s Captain, Cornelius Alexander Delightable, claims he is ayear old Minchon Warrior Personally trained in Universal Truths and Values by the High Priest on the mystical island of Minchon, he declares himself to be in possession of special magical powers While his granddaughter worries the old man is suffering from the ravaging effects of senility, she tries to manage her life and the lives of her children without the aid of her father and husband who were both killed in World War I The captain s great grandchildren, Robert and Wendy, however, are convinced the captain s every word is true

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