Natalie and Maggie, best friends since college, find themselves in the romantic, mystical and intriguing city of Jerusalem when Natalie s husband, David, takes a short sabbatical there The appearance of Jack, a diamond dealer and Natalie s old boyfriend from college, creates tension and arousal for Natalie Will she do things she will come to regret Maggie meets Jack s friend tall, dark and handsome What about her boyfriend back home But Maggie is mesmerized also by a new man in her life Raji from Inida This can only get complicated Meanwhile, a mysterious woman named Chaya Sarah soon captivates both women with spiritual experiences and fascinating adventures she sends them on However, her actions and secrecy about herself baffle them, and they become concerned that Chaya Sarah may be involved in than meets the eye The mystical energy of Jerusalem along with the reality of terrorism compounds an already intense experience for both women Maggie is mesmerized also by a new man in her life Raji from Inida Natalie s marriage is floundering Can it be saved Too soon they must leave Jerusalem A last minute surprising upset centered around Chaya Sarah frightens them and they realize they may be dealing with intrigue and terrorism beyond their wildest dreams How will Natalie and Maggie handle the mystery and romance that floods both women as they attempt to get back to life in the United States Can a return to Jerusalem be far behind in the next volume of this romantic fiction