Ken used to think dressing up like a girl was just a fun little game he played with his webcam clients Yeah, he looked good as a girl, maybe better than he looked as a boy But he never intended his two manly roommates, Jim and Hank, to find out what a horny little cross dressing slut he was Now he s sucking both Jim and Hank off every day, calling them Master and doing all the household chores in lingerie in a vain attempt to keep his secret He even gets hauled over Hank s lap to have his butt spanked if he displeases either of his Masters But an even humiliating ordeal awaits the submissive Kendra at the hands of her dominant roommates It seems Jim and Hank agree that Kendra could use a little practice at sucking their cocks And what better way could there be to practice giving head than to drop to her knees at a glory hole On a late night trip to the sleaziest rest stop in the state, Kendra finds herself bound, leashed and ordered to her knees to get all the practice she needs, while her two cruel Masters stand above her, making her suck cock exactly the way they ve taught her like a horny, submissive little slut Practice Stop is an explicit erotic story approximately , words long It features male male domination, threesomes, forced male bisexuality, forced feminization and repeated anonymous sex Please do not sample, buy or read it if you might find such themes offensive