The Elusive President is the sequel to The Other President As he leaves the presidency Sam Wainwright declines Secret Service protection, and conceals his identity, as the mob, and political extremists, try to hunt him down

10 thoughts on “The Elusive President (The Other President)

  1. Thomas A Peden Thomas A Peden says:

    InterestingThis second book that n this series, President Series , kept me captivated for the time it from me to read it Good storyline..

  2. Helga Madland Helga Madland says:

    Perhaps the author is a bit too fond of hyperbole when depicting politics in the US However, as I just listened to a Republican senator talking about Obamacare, he may well be on the right track It is unbelievable the way politicians smirk, talk, and accomplish so little.

  3. 5ngela 5ngela says:

    I don t like the President and the story seemed lack of something Anyway, I love amnesia President A refreshing story I say.