Moominpappa s Memoirs Moomin Wiki Fandom The Exploits of Moominpappa Swedish Muminpappans bravader skrivna av honom sjlv Literally Moominpappa s Ordeals Written by Himself first published inand then considerably revised inunder the title Moominpappa s Memoirs Swedish Muminpappans memoarer , is the fourth book in the Moomin series by Tove Jansson Muminpappans bravader by Tove Jansson Muminpappans bravader book Readreviews from the world s largest community for readers Before he had a family, before he met Moominmamma, Moominpap The Exploits of Moominpappa Wikipedia Muminpappans Bravader Skrivna av Honom SjlvMuminpappans memoarerTranslator Thomas Warburton Country Finland Language Swedish Series Moomins Genre Children s novel Title Muminpappans Bravader Note Full title of the st ed Swedish language in Finland Muminpappans bravader berttade av honom sjlv per Finnish Wikipedia Muminpappans Bravader skrivna av Honom Sjlv per Swedish Wikipedia Revised as Muminpappans Memoarer, with both versions translated into English multiple WorldCat library records, especially OCLC , evidently a record of the st English languageEditions of Moominpappa s Memoirs by Tove Jansson Muminpappans memoarer Mumintrollen,Publishedby Alfabeta Hardcover,pages Author s Tove Jansson ISBNISBNEdition language Swedish Average rating ratingsREAD DOWNLOAD Muminpappans bravader READ DOWNLOAD Muminpappans bravader skrivna av honom sjlv Muumitatan Mustelmis Vagavas Perehen I Nd S Kuorittuu Eikkalii, Kudai Jo Nuorennu Ottau Ozan Omih K B Lih Pajeten L Ytt Lapsien Koisp I Terv H H I Vastavuu Fredriksonan, Hozulin Da Juksun Kel Lend I Jogilaivu Merenkauhu Ruttoh Ved Y Heidy Eikkailus Toizeh Tarinas Selgen Y Se O, Kui Pieni Merenvahas Luajittu Tramvai Muminpappans memoarer Frlaget The Official Muminpappans memoarer r den tredje boken i serien om Mumintrollen, frst utgivenDet r en omarbetad version av denutkomna Muminpappans Bravader skrivna av Honom Sjlv Utgivningsr Titel Muminpappans memoarerSprk SvenskaSidantal Format Inbunden Muminpappans memoarer by Schildts Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, andonline Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu sHugvsindasvi Heim Skemman Muminpappans Bravader, Skrivna av Honom Sjlv og Muumipapan urotyt finnsku etta verkefni og ing in eru miu t fr snsku frum tgfunni, annarri prentun, sem gefin var t Helsingfors riHfundur essa verkefnis komst kynni vi enska Pappan och havet by Schildts Sderstrms Issuu muminbckerna Smtrollen och den stora versvmningenKometjakten , i omarbetad version Kometen kommerTrollkarlens hattMuminpappans Bravader Skrivna av Honom Sjlv

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  1. Hannah Greendale Hannah Greendale says:

    Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend Jansson s decision to switch to a first person perspective enlivens this darling account of young Moominpappa navigating one quirky adventure after another.

  2. Manny Manny says:

    I must be terribly unobservant despite having read the Mumintroll series on and off for several decades, I had somehow not noticed that Snusmumriken and his father Joxaren are Zen masters But this passage was so obvious that even I couldn t miss it N r Fredrikson avl ste mig vid rodret i gryningen n mnde jag i f rbig ende Joxarens f rv nande och fullkomliga brist p intresse f r omgivningen.Hm, sa Fredrikson Kanske han tv rtom bryr sig om allting Vi bryr oss om en enda sak Du vill bli Jag vill g ra Mitt brorsbarn vill ha Men Joxaren bara lever sch, leva Det kan ju vem som helst, sa jag.Hm, sade Fredrikson.Hur som helst, Joxarens inst llning f refaller mig p n got s tt slarvigt, jag menar det d r att bara leva Leva g r man v l i alla fall Som jag ser saken r man hela tiden omgiven av massor med viktiga och betydelsefulla saker som borde upplevas och t nkas ut och er vras, det finns s fullt av m jligheter att nackh ret reser sig p nda n r jag t nker p dem och i mitten sitter jag sj lv och r naturligtvis det allra viktigast. My translation When Fredrikson relieved me at the tiller towards dawn, I mentioned in passing Joxaren s inexplicable and total lack of interest in what went on around him.Hm, said Fredrikson Maybe, on the contrary, he cares about everything We only care about one thing You want to become something I want to do something My nephew wants to own something But Joxaren just exists.Fiddle de dee, exist I said Anyone can do that.Hm, said Fredrikson.At any rate, Joxaren s attitude seems somehow irresponsible to me, I mean this business of just existing We all exist anyway, don t we The way I see it, you re constantly surrounded by any number of important and meaningful things that need to be experienced and thought about and conquered, there are so many possibilities that the hair on the back of my head stands on end when I just think about them and in the middle, here I am, needless to say the most important thing of all.

  3. Emily Emily says:

    Depending on your point of view, I have either read this book twice once twenty years ago, and once last week , or I ve read two different books one time each Moominpappa s Memoirs is a revised edition of The Exploits of Moominpappa It seems Jansson went back and rewrote and added bits to the original not long after its first English translation was published The English language publishers apparently chose to pretend this hadn t happened it must indeed have been quite vexing for them and kept reprinting the original A new translation was finally published in 1994.So the burning question is did I feel completely baffled by the unfamiliarity of much of this book because time had warped my memory, or because Jansson changed it so much I had remembered it as a light hearted romp much in the vein of Finn Family Moomintroll with lots of gentle absurdity and a fast paced story, so I was eager to read it to my son, who I m quite sure is not ready for the disquieting tone of the later books But upon setting forth on the story with my eager boy by my side, I saw at once that as a read aloud it would not suit Jansson pokes fun at Moominpappa s pretentiousness and self importance by having him narrate the story of his youth in the most ridiculously overblown pompous way, making a melodrama of everything yet you can tell she s fond of him despite this Here s a fairly typical passage from the first chapter by and by a change came I started to muse about the shape of my nose I put my trivial surroundings aside and mused and about myself, and I found this to be a bewitching occupation I stopped asking and longed instead to speak of my thoughts and feelings Alas, there was no one besides myself who found me interesting.I felt that this, and some even abstract passages, was asking a bit too much of my son Moomintroll, who, along with Sniff and Snuffkin is hearing the memoirs read aloud, sums it up pretty well Pappa, said Moomintroll, did one really talk in that unnatural way in those days I quickly decided that I would enjoy this book much reading it to myself, and for a few nights forgot to continue where we d left off harsh, I know.On picking it up for myself, I found that ironically, after that highly ponderous first chapter, the fast paced story I remembered got started There are some funny bits I like the boat, which was supposed to be christened The Ocean Orchestra , but after being painted by an inept speller, is referred to as The Oshun Oxtra for the duration Edward the Booble, an gigantic creature who constantly has to pay for the funerals of the creatures he steps on was mildly amusing, in a slap sticky kind of way There is a somewhat deeper thread to the book, in the conflict between Moominpappa s longing for adventure and his charming instinct to build houses with fretwork in a pine cone motif The most surprising parts of the book, both twenty years ago and now, were the revelations about Sniff and Snuffkin s respective parentage The denoument of this felt rushed and puzzling though not to be spoilerish, but where had all these suddenly appearing characters been all this time And where did they all disappear to afterwords It was incidentally, satisfying to a degree to be reading the series for the first time ever in publication order, and to understand where the Mymble s Daughter and Little My came from, those two being firmly ensconced, with no explanation given, in the Moomin household at the start of the next book.This is a strange entry in the series, but not unrewarding.

  4. Drew Drew says:

    Of the three Moomin books I ve read so far, this one is the deepest and most philosophical That probably makes it the most adult of these alleged children s books Of course, they ve all got traces of wisdom and philosophy in them, but it really emerges here, where Moominpappa sets out to write his life story Like the other books, it s warmly absurd and imbued with deep emotion Moominpappa considers himself quite special, born under important stars, resulting in an expressed desire for adventure He finds adventure on a riverboat, along with characters who are eventually revealed to be Snufkin s and Sniff s fathers But even on his adventures, there is still an undercurrent of longing and yearning Near the end of the book, as his fellow adventurers begin to settle down into careers and get married or otherwise paired off Moominpappa despairs that his life of adventure is probably over Raise your hand if you can relate to that raises hand Ironically, as and people fill his house, the lonely and isolated he feels Classic introvert In fact, I think Jansson captures the introvert personality quite well in all her books Snufkin s need to frequently withdraw from people is one clear example Moominpappa is me I am Moominpappa Never fear The story ends on a high note as new adventures come washing in with the tide Literally I can t speak highly enough of this series Through her whimsical cast of non human characters, Jansson has captured the human experience, in stories that have you nodding along and saying Yes, life is just like that If this hadn t been a library book, I would have been highlighting passages on nearly every page.

  5. Sean D& Sean D& says:

    As far as Tove Jansson s work goes, Moominpappa s Memoirs may be better suited for the mature and philosophical children or nostalgic adults like myself It s definitely not a bedtime read But in my opinion no other book in the Moomin series captures quite so well the pure whimsical delight of Jansson s imagination In fact, it s the only one that s ever brought a tear of joy to my eye.For those who have read and enjoyed other Moomintroll books, don t be discouraged by the absence of your favorite little critters Moominpappa and his friends are cut from the same cloth as his young wards Moomintroll, Sniff, and Snufkin Their trials are every bit as fraught with excitement, mystery, and wonder Their dreams are just as far fetched And while Moominpappa is always one to linger on internal monologue, these introspective moments come off as silly rather than cumbersome.For those who haven t yet had the pleasure of entering Tove Jansson s fantastical world, my advice is pick up another of the books first I highly recommend starting with Finn Family Moomintroll and then return to Moominpappa s Memoirs down the road If you are anything like me, you won t be able to help yourself.

  6. Judy Judy says:

    This is one of my all time favourite books This is the edition I read as a child whilst swinging in a hammock on summer holidays at our farm It was the first Moomin book I had read, although it is not the first in the sequence I m so grateful to have been introduced to the work of the stellar Tove Jansson as a child, because her work for children and adults has given me immense pleasure over the years She was outstanding as an artist as well as a writer Most of all she inspires me still with the wisdom and perceptiveness she shows through her quirky characters and their experiences of life, politics, culture, nature and relationships The underlying message in all of the work I have read by Jansson is to live life to the full and love it, despite its complexity, irrationality, troublesomeness and scary bits Oh, and family and hospitality are strong themes too The impression I get, is that if I d turned up on Jansson s doorstep one evening, with no luggage and wearing nothing but a ragged fancy dress costume and carrying a dead mouse, she would have welcomed me in and made a bed for me on the sofa, and probably pancakes the next morning at whatever time I arose She would also have helped with a suitable funeral for the mouse flower garlands, morning tea and possibly a poem.

  7. Anna Walden Anna Walden says:

    Cute cute cute I listened to this on Spotify, Tove Jansson was narrating it and that was really good It brightened up my time on the buss.

  8. Matthew Hunter Matthew Hunter says:

    For whatever reason, we struggled early to connect with Moominpappa s Memoirs Moominpappa depicts himself from page 1 as a somewhat unlikeable egotist Not surprisingly, Jansson s gentle sense of humor transforms everything, and Moominpappa becomes adorable in the end Let me stop here, at this remarkable turning point of my stormy youth, let me close my Memoirs at the moment when the most wonderful of Moomins comes into my life Since then my follies have been supervised by her gentle and understanding eyes, and thereby transformed into sense and wisdom while, however, losing none of the enchantment and love of freedom that have led me to write them down Awwww We re smitten by the relationship between the Moomin parents.Hats off to Jansson for her illustration of underwater action on page 134 It s beautiful, rivaling her amazing artwork throughout Comet in Moominland.If the opinions of others are to be believed, the best s yet to come in an already solid series Can t wait

  9. Rachel (Kalanadi) Rachel (Kalanadi) says:

    My goodness, parents show up D

  10. Deborah O& Deborah O& says:

    Yet another fun one I loved getting to read Moominpappa s memoirs such escapades, such oddness, such fun Moominpappa has quite a feel to his storytelling It s great Also the Joxter was fun nice to know where Snufkin s slightly lawless ways originated So much fun And I especially loved how the memoirs would pause occasionally as Moominpappa is interrupted in his reading by Moomintroll, Sniff, and Snufkin, as they ask questions about the story and their various daddies adventures Loved that And the way that it all came together at the end was marvelous D The Moomin books are just loads of bizarre whimsical fun On to the next one