Rescue from an unlikely source Abducted and taken aboard a merchant ship bound for India, Charlotte Gilpin desperately searches for ways to escape The heiress certainly doesn t expect rescue from the most unlikely of sources Captain Alexander Carstairs, a man with whom she has crossed swords in the pastAlex isn t sure what to make of Charlotte s claim to have been kidnapped he wouldn t put it past this spirited woman to have cooked up the whole thing to avoid her father s matchmaking But in the confines of the ship this confirmed bachelor unexpectedly finds Charlotte getting under his skin again This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I am amazed I finished this book.did anyone notice that they are 3 kidnappinds in this book and 1 attempt to kidnap.Really how unaware are you of yourself BTW the anti hero never paid for his crimes.The father and daughter wereconcerned for the business that anything else even after all the perils they faced poisoning and drawning.Note to self if you hire an expert do as they say, DO NOT LEAVE your safe house and DO NOT GO to pay the kidnapper by yourself. What a rollicking good read Well plotted, with many twists and turns, and characters with whom it is easy to identify this is romance with adventure Faultless writing and historical background, too, this book has it all. Meh Picked it up for my Summer Reading Bingo game but it was so unmemorable I kept forgetting about it.