The Easiest and Fastest Way to Learn Swahili With Pimsleur you ll become conversational in Swahili to understand and be understood quickly and effectively You ll learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation together through conversation And our scientifically proven program will help you remember what you ve learned, so you can put it into action Why Pimsleur Quick Easy Onlyminutes a day Portable Flexible Core lessons can be done anytime, anywhere, and easily fit into your busy life Proven Method Works when other methods fail Self Paced Go fast or go slow it s up to you Based in Science Developed using proven research on memory and learning Cost effective Less expensive than classes or immersion, and features all native speakers Genius Triggers your brain s natural aptitude to learn Works for everyone Recommended for agesand above What s Included ,minute audio lessonsminutes of reading instruction to provide you with an introduction to reading Swahili and designed to teach you to sound out words with correct pronunciation and accent in total,hours of audio, all featuring native speakers A digital Reading Booklet What You ll Learn In the firstlessons, you ll cover the basics saying hello, asking for or giving information, scheduling a meal or a meeting, asking for or giving basic directions, and much You ll be able to handle minimum courtesy requirements, understand much of what you hear, and be understood at a beginning level, but with near native pronunciation skills In the nextlessons, you ll build on what you ve learned Expand your menu, increase your scheduling abilities from general to specific, start to deal with currency and exchanging money, refine your conversations and add over a hundred new vocabulary items You ll understand of what you hear, and be able to participate with speech that is smoother and confident In the finallessons, you ll be speaking and understanding at an intermediate level More directions are given in Swahili, which moves your learning to a whole new plane Lessons include shopping, visiting friends, going to a restaurant, plans for the evening, car trips, and talking about family You ll be able to speak comfortably about things that happened in the past and make plans for the future Whether you want to travel, communicate with friends or colleagues, reconnect with family, or just understand of what s going on in the world around you, Pimsleur will help you learn Swahili and expand your horizons and enrich your life