Bob Lazar grew up in the city of Westbury on Long Island in New York, before moving to Chatsworth, California, where he earned a degree in physics at Cal Tech He then moved to New Mexico where he studied at the Neutron Science Center at Los Alamos National Laboratory, home to one of the largest particle accelerators in the world After his series of television interviews revealing the work being done at Area 51 in the Nevada desert, Bob Lazar was effectively blacklisted from work in any major research facility He nurtured his inner entrepreneur and now owns a scientific supply company Ironically, two of his customers are Los Alamos National Laboratory and Lawrence Liver National Laboratory.

5 thoughts on “ Dreamland: An Autobiography

  1. Yvonne Yvonne says:

    This is an interesting read about Bob Lazars story but if you looking for some technical details about the craft he worked on or some indepth anaylsis it s not here What this book represents is Bobs journey thru that 6 months time period and his experiences with His Wife, Dennis, Barry and his friends This book gives you a perspective of Bob s thinking and his decision making during this time including his interpretation of technology he was presented with I enjoyed the book and its a good read but like many other books on UFO s always leaves you wanting to know George Knapps introduction is well paced and sets the tone for Bob s story.

  2. Vas Vas says:

    Would be believable if the author was able to use scientific language in a credible manner As it stands, this is a pretty good work of alternative history fiction

  3. J. Jack J. Jack says:

    If you ve watched the Bob Lazar documentary then this is essentially of the same, but gives a better and personal insight in to what went on at the time It s an easy and interesting read It s not longer than it needs to be.

  4. Mr Stephen Paternoster Mr Stephen Paternoster says:

    I first heard about Bob Lazar and his story back in 2004 and 2005 on TV and became fascinated by it now after all these years Lazar finally gets to tell the story it s certainly worth reading but do I believe Lazar and his story.That s another matter entirely but I believe Lazar worked at Groom Lake there s no doubt about that.

  5. A&DD A&DD says:

    Bought for a birthday gift and is very much appreciated from a perspective of an engineer s mind focus The book is in great condition and quality.