After the formulations of Newton and Maxwell theories, it seemed that nothing else could alter the path taken in the Physical description of natural phenomenaThe principle of causality well described the electromagnetic phenomena and the motion of celestial bodies, from a deterministic point of viewWith the formulation of the Theory of relativity, Einstein continued the path of description of the phenomena in motion even at speeds comparable to the one of lightThe change began with the in depth and studies at the atomic level where, Planck, Bohr and Einstein abandoned the concept of continuity in favor of the introduction of the matter s quantization, however, continuing to interpret the phenomena always with a classical foundationThe contribution of the young Heinsenberg and Schoidenger will be necessary to definitively abandon the classical interpretation in order to introduce the shocking interpretation of the new quantum The subsequent formalization of quantum mechanics based on non commutative algebra, introduced by the young Dirac continued the path towards the definitive use of quantum theory in the microscopic worldWith quantum physics we discover a whole new way of matter and light behaviour in the microcosm realmGrammatically it could be necessary to just invert one consonant for a vocal going from causality to casualityAn atom is no longer made up of electrons orbiting like planets and it no longer has a defined trajectory with certain values of speed and positionQuantum physics describe the microcosm praising an evolution of nature towards disorder and uncertainty, rather than a deterministic vision established by cause and effect, dominant in classical physicsThe particles can transmit instant information between themselves, beyond the limit of the speed of light, imposed by Einstein with the formulation of the special Relativity TheoryUnderstanding the behavior of matter at the atomic level will lead you to important reflections, and to finally think that nothing that surrounds us can be interpreted with deterministic rationality alone To comprehend the fabolous world of quantum physics It is possible to find hundreds of books, but most of the time they are either too popular or are treated at university levelWith the present exposition, instead, I tried to deal with these themes making you understand principally the concepts, without however neglecting the rigorous mathematical formulas and demonstrations, with a language that can be interpreted with mathematical and physical skills that are learned in a high schoolThe present text does not claim the prerogative of being exhaustive in the interpretation of quantum theory, but it is certainly useful for acquiring notions in order to be able to understand from a scientific point of view the texts on the market of a popular nature regarding this subject and in any case creating excellent conditions for future in depth university studiesI thank all those who have been close to me during the writing of the present discussion and with the hope of having set the work that could be useful to those who are approaching the study of the fascinating world of Quantum Physics I am grateful since now to those who want to propose improvements or possible suggestionspages