Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Einstein s War, by Matthew Stanley In , Arthur Eddington, a war weary British astronomer, opened a letter written by an obscure German professor named Einstein The neatly printed equations on the scrap of paper outlined his world changing theory of general relativity Until then Einstein s masterpiece of time and space had been trapped behind the physical and ideological lines of battle, unknown Eddington realised the importance of the letter perhaps Einstein s esoteric theory could not only change the future of science but also restore the world of cooperative international science in a time of brutal war This was the moment that relativity emerged from the trenches before it was known around the world Einstein s name is now synonymous with genius , but it was not an easy road He spent a decade creating relativity, and his ascent to international celebrity, which saw him on the front of papers around the world in , also owed much to Eddington whom he met only after the war and to international collaboration We usually think of scientific discovery as a flash of individual inspiration, whereas here we see it is the result of hard work, gambles and wrong turns and all the while subject to the petty concerns of nations, religions and individuals Einstein s War teaches us about science through history, and the physics is accessible as a result we see relativity built brick by brick in front of us, as it happened,years ago PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio on our Desktop Site

15 thoughts on “Einstein's War: How Relativity Conquered Nationalism and Shook the World (Audio Download): Matthew Stanley, Matthew Stanley, Penguin Books Ltd : Audible Audiobooks

  1. Customer Customer says:

    The book concentrate on the relation between general relativity and the 1919 expedition to test its prediction of bending of light by massive objects With Einstein and Eddington the main characters during and after the Great War.

  2. J. A. Power J. A. Power says:

    This is a terrific book, obviously written by someone who knows and is passionate about his subject I only knew what a lot of people know when I started, Einstein was THE genius, E Mc2 and a vague idea that if I could take a rocket at the speed of light and fly out into space for a couple of years and back to earth then Earth would have aged several hundred years.Obviously I knew he didn t just wake up and go ah ha relativity, of course with a slap to his head but I didn t have any idea how long it took him or how many other people were involved I was also unaware that he did a lot of the work while WWI was going on which made things difficult to say the least I thought I knew a fair bit about WWI but I learnt a lot from this book.I would highly recommend this book to anybody with even a slight interest in Einstein.When I bought it I didn t expect it to be a page turner but the writing makes it one, I was sorry when I finished it.

  3. prasad prasad says:

    This is a gripping book on the journey that Einstein took in the process of bringing the General theory of Relativity to the world This book talks about his personal beliefs of pacifism along with life circumstances and society that came in the way of a great genius.The other part is how two greats Scientists from two enemy nations in the middle of war collaborated to bring the Theory Of Relativity to the world.It is a must read for all scientists and Technologists, but especially the young ones to show that the Road less travelled makes all the difference.

  4. Ashok Tomar Ashok Tomar says:

    A very detailed, well researched and thought provoking effort by Mr Stanley He has delved deep into the science, history, personalities, and struggles of that time And done it in a text that is easy to understand for readers who are not physicists My thanks to the author for this excellent work.

  5. Dr Eckart Reihlen Dr Eckart Reihlen says:

    Bought it as a history book, learned a lot about physics along the way Great.


    Having recently read Walter Isaacson s biography of Einstein, I picked up this book with some hesitation, fearing redundancy I need not have worried This book illuminates the fascinating story of how Einstein s theory of relativity developed and became recognized internationally during and just after the fierce German nationalism of WW1 and the rejection of German Science in England in the years immediately following.It spotlights Britain s Sir Arthur Eddington, who was the link between Einstein and scientists internationally, and the book would be a worthwhile read just for Eddington s story Little is known about Eddington because he destroyed his papers before he died What we do know is that he was a brilliant astronomer whose Quaker anti war feelings presented tremendous obstacles to his career during the war His relentless commitment to bringing to light Einstein s discovery of relativity is a reminder of the moral courage required of great scientists Also a reminder that science isn t done by lone geniuses, but by dedicated teams working relentlessly in sometimes difficult political circumstances I couldn t help thinking of the current era, where partisan politics is making it difficult for scientists to explain, and help address, climate change, despite its literally earthshaking importance.The author s prose style makes for easy reading, and I found that the explanations of relativity were better thanks partly to some helpful drawings than in Isaacson s book.

  7. H. Zelaznik H. Zelaznik says:

    I have read many books about relativity Einstein s war provides a very nice sociological and political background to the stunning achievement of relativity.

  8. Lea H. Becker Lea H. Becker says:

    I had already read several biographies of Albert Einstein, but this book shed new light on the difficulties his discoveries encountered amid the horrors that confronted all of Europe during WWI He wasn t well known and if not for Eddington s courage in demonstrating how General Relativity affected gravity through photographs, would Einstein have eventually been acknowledged in overturning some of Newton s laws and providing new truths about our universe After finishing my digestion of this story, I had a new appreciation of how war among nations disturbs scientific progress My four star rating takes into consideration that some chapters of the book were somewhat hard to follow.

  9. Jackie Kropuenske Jackie Kropuenske says:

    Anyone who enjoys war history, science, and philosophy will love this book It was well researched and easy to follow understand, even the science y bits.

  10. jbw jbw says:

    The book was a great overview of biographical information on Einstein and Eddington, the struggles of science to collaborate internationally, the history of Einstein s step by step development of the theory of general relativity and his relationships with others in the scientific community Highly recommended.

  11. Kevin M. Harness Kevin M. Harness says:

    This was an engaging book on the life of Albert Einstein as he reasoned out his theories of relativity amidst the chaos and brutality of WWI Matthew Stanley is a gifted writer and very elegantly yet succinctly explained complex science so that anyone can follow the story of The Theory of Relativity s development and come out the other side with a pretty good understanding of the concepts, as well as the tremendous story surrounding how it came to be Good reading

  12. mark911 mark911 says:

    An excellent book that approaches the subject from a personal and societal perspective, describing the critical influence of a British scientist in support of a German scientist during a time of intense national and international hostilities.A well written, suspenseful account of Einstein s rise to prominence as one of history s greatest minds.

  13. SMC SMC says:

    Books like these redeem my opinion of history after enduring the mindless date memorization of high school Science books gave brief summaries of famous scientist s lives, but you really had no concept of what they went through to get that mention Even the older biographies of some of these guys were terribly two dimensional.I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to know about Einstein, the need for international cooperation, and or WWI.

  14. f. gober f. gober says:

    This was an excellent book Not what i thought it would be Two great men, Eienstein and Eddington, WW I and the quest to prove Einstein s General Relitivity Theory My only disappointment was the book essentially ended in 1919 Volume 2 should be Einstein s Bohr War encompassing the second half of his life and his war with quantum mechanics.

  15. Eileen Sharp Eileen Sharp says:

    Compelling and chock full and f explanations about the science behind the game that anyone could understand I enjoyed getting the story behind all the people and the unique circumstances of the time Einstein s work was ground breaking but it getting it to the world was a precarious undertaking Loved this approach