In this book, nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe explains in a very logical way that the initial fundamental building blocks of the universe find their origin in a cosmic magnetic soup that contains an uncountable number of magnetic fields of different strengths In this soup, magnetic fields of similar or equal strength can meet, interact and entangle into larger dynamic spherical packs The interaction between different dynamic packs leads to the creation of gravitational and magnetic field effects and properties in their given environments Due to the differences in their magnetic fields, each spherical pack will possess a different strength, in one order of magnitude of the three basic types of Matters Dark Matter, Antimatter and MatterAs these three Matters are made of magnetic fields they also interact and interlock with each other, resulting in a larger collective integrated system called the Initial Fundamental Plasma, or the Neutron As this plasma naturally decays it generates the plasma of the proton and the plasma of the electron, both of which still contain the trinity of the three Matters of the original plasmaThe discovery of these new first principles will bring mankind a large number of benefits, making it possible to control and direct the interactions of these basic Matters and their field forces that lead to the formation of matter as solid, liquid and gasThis book also presents a new understanding of the structure of the inner cores of the Earth and how the planets gravitational and magnetic field forces are generated This theory has been confirmed through the development of safe, compact, plasma reactor systems built on these principles, which generate fields around them that make them lighter so that they can lift off and move through the air These systems can provide new methods of space travelThese systems also produce their own independent magnetosphere The interaction of the dynamic plasmatic magnetic fields of this magnetosphere with the planetary magnetic fields creates light around the reactor system The light effect confirms the Keshe theory that light is created through the interactions of plasmatic magnetic fields Using this new knowledge the Keshe Foundation has also designed, developed and tested low cost reactors that can dilute achieve fusion of plasmas in a simple and affordable way This process makes it possible to create a vast amount of energy for electricity and heat and for motion, without needing to burn any fuel and without creating any waste These plasma reactors can create at any point of demand matters such as air, water, food, medicine and new materials, also at nano levelThis new revolutionary technology can help solve a number of global problems, like of the climate change, since Keshe reactors can be built to attract greenhouse gasses like CO, or the global issue of water shortage and water pollution, since it is now possible to create water and to attract hazardous elements out of the polluted and contaminated water