Orignal book amazing deal on hardcover,Way Oxford weave words is always great. This is a book of dubios value The author s intention is to write about history of fundamental physics, but not even this modest goal does he accomplish There is in this book no mention whatsoever of the man, who started all experimental investigation of one of the fundamental forces of nature, namely the Danish scientist Hans Christian rsted, who in 1820 discovered the connection between electric and magnetic force Further, Jim Baggott confounds his data about quarks in the lexicon part of the book, and he does not have succes with communicating the fascinating details in the development of the new theories He wastes valuable paper and ink in telling about failed projects in USA, which should all have been left out There is no mention of the thirty years between 1900 and 1930, where the fundaments of all modern physics were created I am convinced that a knowledgeable physicist could have written a book much worth reading than Jim Baggotts book. Excellent Bought this great book its not for those who no nothing about the higgs ,but if you do then this book is worth the read. now I know mass if just a conceit of energy fieldsall I need to know now iswhat the hell is energy then This is yet another book there have been several about the amazing discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012 It is a thrilling story and this book tells it reasonably well Its well worth reading all the accounts i.e apart from this one as they all have a different take in explaining what the Higgs field is and does I do wish the authors would get together and provide a definitive account merging all their attempts to make the Higgs field comprehensible to the layman like me This one is a bit rushed and skips quickly rather too quickly over several aspects that I would like to see in detail. a bit hard going in places but explains everything as physicists currently don t understand it A bit better than the other higgs book currently on offer. The first 2 chapters are a bit hazy and do not explain the concepts of Symmetry and the importance of Noether s theorem well I have read Jim Baggott s book Origins , which was a terrific read, but this one failed to live up to the mark I am still not sure whether I understand the physics behind Higgs Boson, and I will continue to look for better books on this subject. Rather above my head but interesting to realise how our scientists contact lijke minds across the world and exciting very exciting to see how they develop ideas and progress. The hunt for the Higgs particle has involved the biggest, most expensive experiment ever So exactly what is this particle Why does it matter so much What does it tell us about the universe Did the discovery announced on July ,finish the search And was finding it really worth all the effort The short answer is yes The Higgs field is proposed as the way in which particles gain mass a fundamental property of matter It s the strongest indicator yet that the Standard Model of physics really does reflect the basic building blocks of our universe Little wonder the hunt and discovery of this new particle produced such intense media interest Here, Jim Baggott explains the science behind the discovery, looking at how the concept of a Higgs field was invented, how the vast experiment was carried out, and its implications on our understanding of all mass in the universe