The most important things in life are our health and happiness Yet most of us are neither healthy nor happy We have been led to believe that if we think ahead and make the right choices, we can manifest our dreams Yet despite our best efforts, we still have disease and discontent than ever before Is it possible that our essential ideas about life are flawed We are all aware of the impact of sunlight on a plant s growth and development But few of us realize that a plant actually sees where light is emanating from and positions itself to be in optimal alignment with it This phenomenon, however, is not just occurring in the plant kingdom humans are also fundamentally directed by light In Luminous Life, Dr Jacob Israel Liberman integrates scientific research, clinical practice, and direct experience to demonstrate how the luminous intelligence we call light effortlessly guides us toward health, contentment, and a life filled with purpose PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio

14 thoughts on “Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living (Audio Download): Jacob Israel Liberman OD PhD, Gina Liberman, Erik Liberman, James L. Oschman PhD, Paul Brion, Tantor Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. N. Nandini N. Nandini says:

    I enjoyed the variety of self cultivating techniques but kept having to look at the bio pic of the author as what I was reading didn t seem to match with the person acclaimed to have written it I also felt that while a lot of what was written was certainly auto biographical, in context with how the book is set out, much of what I read veers away from this and moves into fictional hero protagonist Some nuggets of information were also not attributed to their original writer.

  2. Tess Tess says:

    This is a truly beautiful book wonderfully wise information Really easy to read , LOVE it.

  3. Jill Jill says:

    I loved this book so much that as soon as I finished it, I started again Full of insight and wisdom.

  4. Hattie Edmonds Hattie Edmonds says:

    A deeply wise mix of science and spirituality, which combines cutting edge research and insightful experience On a par with Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra Wholly recommended.

  5. AngelJ AngelJ says:


  6. Andy Paquette Andy Paquette says:

    Great book, Thank you.

  7. jws13 jws13 says:

    very good

  8. Claire Claire says:

    I read this book fairly quickly because quite frankly it was relaxing just reading it To me that said that the author walks in the world he has described and wants to help others find the clarity and peace that he s attained I had never thought of the concept of being alergic to a color because of the feelings it calls forth, yet doing some of the exercises proved this to be the case I will read it again, at a slower pace because I think there s much to be gained by doing so.

  9. Paul Paul says:

    I love this book and wanted to highlight no pun intended sentences in each paragraph The book starts with a quote from Nikola Tesla My brain is only a receiver In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.Light animates our projections, and I think that photons, particles, waves, and the observer effect are the key to our ever understanding life, God, and consciousness.Well written and drawing from tremendous first hand experience, Dr Liberman discusses light and health, color therapy and color homeopathy plus gives simple exercises that improve not only eyesight, but also awareness What I found most useful is the experiment that he said has profoundly improved his life It is a way to align seeing with focusing inner vision to what he calls presence I personally think it connects the observer to omnipresence by making our internal light coherent rather than ni pres ence the presence of God everywhere at the same time.

  10. Jake Luckman Jake Luckman says:

    The first moment I held this sparkling book in my hands, I felt lighter Reading Luminous Life was very healing for me I thoroughly enjoyed the many insights I received and the many Aha moments I had I have been a serious spiritual seeker my whole life and thanks to this book, many of my burning questions were answered Reading this book was like lightly rubbing my eyes clear of confusion, leaving me with bright eyes to fully see the love and support all around me I am so grateful for Jacob reminding me that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and there had never been anything wrong with me After reading, Luminous Life, I now feel courageous to surrender to the friendly flow and to fully accept, embrace and trust the unfolding of life I thank GOD for Jacob Liberman and his new book for inspiring me and showing me the possibility to feel right at home in every area of my life

  11. Vaclav Vaclav says:

    The book contains great insights on scientific as well as on the philosofical and practical essence of light and its role in our lives For me, the most intriguing was the idea that the light continually guides us to the next step in our lives When light plays such a crucial role in the lives of plants and animals, why should we be any different What catches our eye is, indeed, the next step that either shows us what is next or brings us a glimps of who we are and thus, increases our self awareness Many times in my life have I witnessed this to be true It does not mean it is going to be nice or comfortable but it will enable us to grow This book is a treasure in revealing the mechanism behind the process.

  12. Regine Soyfer Regine Soyfer says:

    Your book offers a new way to transform my struggles in life into an experience of gently connecting with awareness at every second I am very grateful that you wrote it It gives simple tools to help and ground me It is a constant reminder that acceptance is the way, that life when we go with the flow is guiding us the light, life,is always here for us , are we choosing life or the fight with it Let s go back to the source , take a second , breathe and let the light force of the universe guide you into seeing from your soul This book is a companion manual to help you go through the ups and downs a little better every time Thank you Jacob

  13. Paul fiske Paul fiske says:

    The author brings fresh perspectives to the intersection of science and spirituality His explorations of how light as a medium through which our awakened self can become known to us once again are inspiring and illuminating The prose was very accessible I recognize the information in its pages as truths to be embodied and lived You would be well served to add this to your library of books to nourish your souls journey

  14. DWPC DWPC says:

    I heard Dr Liberman interviewed on internet radio and became very interested in his views of self and consciousness, and how light was instrumental in our perception of them I ordered his book to read on an upcoming flight He offers some good insight on life, but I was very disappointed to find it barely touched on the concepts that drew my interest, and was mostly New Agey concepts of light, universal consciousness and holistic healing with only anecdotes and arcane New Age references to back up his considerable claims When he used as an example an Indian guru who supposedly survived for years only on light and air with no water or food, I closed the book and tucked it into the seat back pocket, where I left it.