Drastically increase your photographic memory Learn methods to learn faster and remember , unlocking your photographic memory potential Accelerated Learning Memory Rescue We capture everything that happens to us and around us We even capture things that we are not aware of Each event is captured by all the senses we possess to the extent that they emit the relevant stimuli If there is a sound, our ears pick it up if there is movement and light, our eyes pick it up if there is odor, our nose picks it up Everything is picked up and sent to the brain for processing before it is stored If you want to have a better memory, you need to learn how to access all that information and use your photographic memory to its full potential It s all within you, and the ways to do it are within this audiobook Scientists across multiple medicinal philosophies have spent decades trying to understand the brain We understandof its psychology than we do about the technical methods of recording and recall, until now This audiobook brings together the most powerful explanation of how the brain works at creating and storing memories It ties all the factors of stimuli detection and impulse encoding and talks about how to develop a better way to encode and to recall You just have to follow the steps in this audiobook to be able to build on the priceless asset you have, and you will be able to change the way you see things and the way you live your life Photographic memory is the tip of the sword, and we show you how to wield it First of all, this isn t like any accelerated learning book you ve ever read There s no fluff or filler just bulletproof points to learn faster It s time to start your accelerated learning journey by improving your photographic memory right away and unlock the massive success you can achieve