This cryptocurrency bundle is now available BookBlockchain for Beginners BookAdvanced Guide to Blockchain BookBitcoin Blueprint BookBitcoin Invest in Digital Gold Bitcoin is the future Why should you listen to this audiobook Technology giants such as Intel, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and Dell have already invested in learning about blockchain The world s largest banks and financial institutions have already created their own cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology Fin tech companies realized that smart contracts are changing the world of business by using the blockchain platform Literally, there are thousands of new start ups investing everyday into blockchain, adapting to the technology of the future Why all the hype Let me give you a hint A single banking system can save between billion dollars per year using blockchain Blockchain is terminating trusted third party services and replacing them with mathematical algorithms and digital signatures Faster and cheaper payment transactions in fact, employee payments can be done not daily, but every second Blockchain features better data security by eliminating single point of failure % availability Using fully decentralized peer to peer networks, data will always be available

3 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin & Blockchain (Audio Download): Keizer Söze, Matthew Broadhead, Keizer Söze: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Andrew Medvedev Andrew Medvedev says:

    I am interested in Cryptocurrency and I bought this book to get information about this topic There are 4 manuscripts in one book Blockchain for beginners, Mastering Blockchain, Bitcoin Blueprint, Bitcoin Invest in Digital Gold In these books I found so much new and useful information about Cryptocurrency What I liked about this book is that it is written in the simple language and easy to understand I liked this book and I am glad to add it to my library It is really very useful as for beginners as for masters I highly recommend this guide for those who need such type of information It is really worth reading.

  2. Patricia Patricia says:

    Just received the book today, and finished it in about 2 hrs Great read, straight to the point, and lots of helpful information I like the fact that the author tells you to continue researching, even after finishing his book Never stop learning Definitely recommend for those looking to get into cryptocurrency investment This manuscript also explained about Bitcoin Blockchain and how it revolution Overall, it was informative read.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    I would recommend this book to all my friends and family who are still tdying to understand Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology.