A fully revised and updated reference examining the fundamental physical principles of electron optics, emphasizing basic geometrical optics Principles of Electron Physics Basic Geometrical Optics illustrates geometrical optics, knowledge which is needed to analyze an extremely wide range of instruments cathode ray tubes the family of electron microscopes, which now includes the fixed beam and scanning transmission instruments, the scanning electron microscope and the emission microscope electron spectrometers and mass spectrographs if one includes charged particles other than electrons image converters electron interferometers and diffraction devices electron welding machines and electron beam lithography devices The book provides a self contained, detailed and above all modern account of electron optics for anyone involved with particle beams of modest current density in the energy range up to a few mega electronvolts You will find all the basic equations with their derivations, recent ideas concerning aberration studies, extensive discussion of the numerical methods needed to calculate the properties of specific systems and guidance to the literature of all the topics coveredPrinciples of Electron Optics is intended for postgraduate students and teachers in physics and electron optics, and researchers and scientists in academia and industry working in the field of electron optics, electron and ion microscopy, and nanolithography Fully revised and expanded new edition based on the latest research developments in electron opticsWritten by the top experts in the field worldwideCovers every significant advance in electron optics since the subject originatedContains exceptionally complete and carefully selected references and notesServes both as a reference and text

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