FebruaryEdition layout issues fixed Survival Medicine that WorksIn aPost Disaster World, You Can Be Worth Your Weight inGold as the Only Survivor with Medical KnowledgeAfter a disaster, theres a single, vital skill that very few survivors will have Fighters and builders are important, but there is no survivor so valuable and sought after as the one who can help out when illness or injury strikesAs any good prepper knows, thinking ahead and planning ahead will enable you to live a good and healthy life completely off the grid The ability to care for the sick and injured Thats one of the most important preparations you can makeIve Spent My Life Honing My Own Skills as a Survivalist, and Now Im Here to Show YOU How You Can KEEP YOUR LOVED ONES HEALTHY AND ALIVEHi, Im Beau Griffin Im an expert survivalist and Ive had a lot of practice at living off the beaten path, making my way with nothing but a set of basic tools and my own experience to sustain me Ive tested out the territory and learned by doing and now I am here to put that knowledge to good use teaching you how to be the emergency responder that you and your loved ones will NEED after a disasterGive Me ONE DAY and Ill DOUBLE Your Chances of SurvivalGive me a week and youll have a broad knowledge and understanding of the emergencies you are likely to encounter in a post disaster worldIn this book, well coverThe golden rules of a first response to make sure your patient survives The key items youll want to include in your disaster first aid kit How to diagnose common maladies and injuries and how to help And much, MUCHIf You Don t Read This Guide, You Risk LOSING LIVES TO ACCIDENT AND INJURY in a Post disaster WorldThe medical techniques in this guide have been proven to work thousands of times over Im going to show you how you can be prepared for the inevitable illness and accidents that will occur after a disasterAll it takes is time, attention and practice to transform the knowledge within these pages into a basic knowledge of first aid and diagnosis that will savelives than you might think once medical assistance is no longer availableSee the Difference in One Week or Your Money Back If you follow the chapters in this guide and feel noequipped to respond to a post disaster incident, simply click one button withindays andwill return % of your money Thats how sure I am that I have the answer to your problem I CAN help you save lives once the grid goes downJust scroll up and click the BUY NOW button to start preparing your post disaster medical skills, today