The dialog may be suitable for a video presentation where you have images to focus on as the author rambles along, but not so in book form.Although I have enjoyed Dr Al Khahili s BBC videos on the subject I found this book annoyingly confusing.The problem is his juxtaposition of of possibilities and facts i.e is the paragraph a presentation of the students question, or the teaches answer. This is simply an outstanding exposition of an exceptionally difficult subject it is exemplary in its conceptual presentation, taking a quintessential example of the quantum the two slit trick and working, logically, methodically and at all times with great thought and care for the lay status of the reader, towards a clear and thorough explanation so far as anyone can be said to have one Although no specific knowledge of Quantum Mechanics is needed, it is fair to say that a good basic knowledge of such concepts as what is meant by the electromagnetic spectrum, for instance, will be required But you wouldn t be looking at investigating this subject, presumably, if you didn t already possess that A book that has a rare quality of being both thoroughly intellectual and simultaneously warm and almost intimate in its personal communication with the reader, not to mention being very funny at times the author s sincere wish to communicate his knowledge and enthusiasm shines through.I have struggled with Penrose and Hawking, amongst others, but not this time I Can t praise its achievement enough Oh yes, and, apart from a few forgivable misdemeanors, the author s writing is generally grammatically and semantically good, unlike so much of today s writing, making the subject even comprehensible. I d studied quantum mechanics at university nearly 50 years ago so I had a good idea what to expect in terms of the unexpected but Jim Al Khalili made a better fist of explaining the subject than my chemistry lecturers had done all those years ago and without delving into advanced maths This is the third or fourth popular science book on quantum mechanics that I ve read in recent months and it is by far the best Jim has done an excellent job of explaining the principles of this complex field and approaches the subject in quite a light hearted way with little injections of humour here and there which make the subject matter feel less remote and the author human It is also reassuring that he states several times that no one really understands what is going on at the quantum level, beyond, that is, what is mathematically calculated or experimentally observed, because it is so divorced from what we experience in the macro world, with most of it being counter intuitive and bordering on the metaphysical This repeated reassurance at least means that readers realise they are not alone in puzzling over the deeper significance of quantum physics.The last couple of chapters tried to cover too much ground, in my view, and consequently were less understandable than what had gone before Many of the points discussed were extremely speculative Also, when discussing some aspects of molecular biology, Jim seemed to draw a distinction between what he would call a quantum effect and what I would refer to as ordinary chemistry All of chemistry is underpinned by quantum mechanics so this distinction appears out of place.Some parts I couldn t follow, such as the descriptions of superstring theory and M theory, but I suspect that this is because these topics do require a mathematical approach which is outside the scope of the book Also, most of the chapters end with a short discourse by a guest author and I found these to be hit and miss, depending, I suppose, on how good each author is in explaining the subject matter to non physicists I m not convinced these sequels added much to the book and it might have been better to have omitted them.But, overall, this is an excellent book, providing a first rate, non mathematical introduction to the quantum world. This is a superb set of readings and text by a first class presenter and editor writer Like many people I have very little scientific training yet am puzzled and fascinated by the strange world uncovered by quantum mechanics This book is, in my view, an essential exploration of this science, and very accessible for the literate reader. While the cost is not low it is just a paperback with diagrams in black and white I bought this book after I saw the same title with my friend but that was very richly illustrated in color Of course this edition has all the matter. Quantum Physics can be quite perplexing and the author does a good job of trying to explain complex ideas and what we have discovered so far about the quantum world For the non physics thinkers like me some areas need to be read than once. Very Good From Schrodinger s cat to Heisenberg s uncertainty principle, this book untangles the weirdness of the quantum world Quantum mechanics underpins modern science and provides us with a blueprint for reality itself And yet it has been said that if you re not shocked by it, you don t understand it But is quantum physics really so unknowable Is reality really so strange And just how can cats be half alive and half dead at the same time Our journey into the quantum begins with nature s own conjuring trick, in which we discover that atoms contrary to the rules of everyday experience can exist in two locations at once To understand this we travel back to the dawn of the th century and witness the birth of quantum theory, which over the nextyears was to overthrow so many of our deeply held notions about the nature of our universe Scientists and philosophers have been left grappling with its implications ever since Read by Hugh Kermode For someone that does not understand anything about quantum mechanics and never had any formal education in the field is an exciting and clarifying read on the subject I liked the broad approach, where he tells a bit of the history, some of the fundamental concepts and modern applications of the theories. great book for nwbs for quantum it is lucid and very technicaly written but in vry simple words a must for amteurs.