From the paramedic pondering a dignified solution as he surveys his previously digested Pot Noodle adorning the naked genitalia of a recently deceased lady, to the man who rang the doctor Out of Hours service with an audibly severe case of excess flatulence, with hilarious consequences, and the old lady s wig that caused one chuckling paramedic to struggle to keep a hold of the carry chair, The Lighter Side An NHS Paramedic s Selection of Humorous Mess Room Tales will have you laughing out loud then looking around furtively, wondering if you should In his The Dark Side series, Andy Thompson gives us a taste of the dark sense of humour paramedics use as a coping mechanism here he packs laugh out loud moments into every page as he recalls health care professionals encounters with the weirdest of behaviour, hilarious misunderstandings, and cringingly embarrassing episodes You ll soon be relating to the sense of humour that moves an ambulance driver to respond to his friend and fellow paramedic s predicament on a hot summer s day, as a powerful smell engulfs the saloon of the vehicle What would you do Open the cab windows and the hatch through to the saloon to provide some extra ventilation Of course not You switch the heating on, causing the already intolerable pong to become evenunbearable, making for a bangin mess room tale on your later return Wonderfully illustrated with cartoons depicting each scene, it s an eye watering insight into the Lighter Side of working on the Dark Side, straight from the mess rooms of ambulance stations up and down the UK There s also a heartening reminder of the power of a flamin good belly laugh and its analgesic effect even in situations of severe pain This is a book that laughs in the face of extreme emotion and stress Outrageous Perhaps Distasteful Probably Humorous Absolutely