A New Beginning covers two major turning points in the adventure, consisting of a Throwback to Where It All Began In which the author tells of being propelled into a position of extreme responsibility when an elderly male collapses in the Gym This was followed by his first realjob, That Memorable Call where we read touching recollections behind saving a ladys life before its all too lateIt also includes an extract from his blog, describing the pros and cons of working for the Ambulance Service as well as small thanks to those who have helped him start his careerStudent Paramedic Adventures is a series of real life emergencies, consisting of a gripping accumulation of events between the authors realization of a passion for helping others and an underlying determination to chase that dream It follows the author from encountering real life emergencies working as a lifeguard at a young age, to dealing with them every day working for the Ambulance Service It is the start of the compelling journey of ayear old Student Paramedic, now within the NHS, looking back on his adventures of gaining valuable experience and learning new skills and terminology The reflective accounts are accurate and true to memory, immersing the reader to relive his world of emotional experiences told with humorous, sincere and sensitive undertonesFor the best consumer experience please note that this ebook should be read in portrait view on tablets, to ensure formatting remains correctWarning May Contain Graphic Descriptive ContentRacingAReaper

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