Grammatical errors and outdated information Don t waste your time or money Nine words would be wasted Three to go. Along with a basic first aid book and you have it all together Basics. This was a cool and useful primer on all things emergency First Aid 11 Effective First Aid Tips That Will Help You Save Lives How To Survive Your First Disaster Urban Survival Guide, First Aid Basics, Emergency Preparedness hits the key stuff in a fast overview Starting with trauma and emergency situations, this book give you clear and memorable methods on the best way to handle these situations I like that it is concise, because that s all you ll be able to recall when an emergency happens Recommended Five stars. First Aid Tips To Save Lives Cuts and bruises, sprains and strains, dislocations, broken bones, snake bites Sound familiar At one point in time we have all suffered such an injury or someone else in our family has And especially in this last case we have wanted to help out anyway we could, but we didnt know howWell, here is a chance to learn This book comes out with a complete set of information and tips on what to do in cases of injury during a time of need These tips apply to EVERYONE in almost ANY situation We can all help someone that has suffered a wound or an injury suddenly and unexpectedly We can all save the life of someone who has stopped breathing, or their heart has stopped beating, for any reason As long as the proper precautions indicated are kept at all times, we can all save the dayBecome A Hero On DemandCome to think of it, first aid is a process Keep your head and your composure, assert authority, assess the situation, do what needs to be done with confidence and help the professionally trained first responders and the doctors to do their job efficiently How can you help someone with a broken bone or after they have been bitten by a snakeHow can you make a stretcher out of nothing What should a first aid kit look like on the inside What is a defibrillatorRead this book to learn effective life saving first aid tips that will help save lives during an emergency or disaster thought it should have had information on varied things Not detailed enough for me. Was a okay book. You can never have too many DIY books in your library.