Gunilla Hamne is the Journalist that contacted Dr Carl Johnson to investigate the efficiency of Tapping to resolve emotional and post traumatic stress with survivors of the genocide in Rwanda, and developed the Trauma Tapping Technique TTT that she has taught and trained in Rwanda and Congo sincewith documented and followed up results Ulf Sandstrm is the hypnotherapist that found Gunilla Hamne when looking for a way to treat emotional and post traumatic stress that was less language dependent than hypnosis, and that could be spread through multiplication Both are driven by the conviction that stability in post conflict areas is dependent on applying new and empowering methods of First Aid for emotional and post traumatic stress within these communities which is the main reason for their work The efforts of Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandstrm, the documentation of the results, the ongoing cooperation with researchers, psychologists, psychotherapists and medical doctors can be found in the web page of their NGO the Peaceful Heart Network