Un libro con i trucchi del mestiere devo dire che ci ho trovato cose che non ho trovato un testi piu grandi e blasonati. Quick and easy read, very clear I trained at a pulm fellowship in which we manage all of our own ICU intubations The little tricks I learned here were fantastic and I still use them Highly recommended. This is a great resource for those that should know how to intubate, but really have just been getting lucky Especially helpful if you only do this once or twice a year. Purchased for use in paramedic training.This book is excellent Very lucid explanation of the why for certain techniques, along with some advanced tips for the difficult airway.Good supplement to your textbook for initial skill training, as well as a reference to refresh your knowledge if you don t intubate often. Everything you need about airway Easy read great read for basics Thank you so much for the great book and the speedy service It was in great condtion also I appreciate it Anyone Can Intubate has been the book of choice for teaching and learning intubation and airway management sinceThis is the author prepared Kindle version of the new th Editionfrom publisher author Links to dozens of our unique on line videos are included with the new edition Topics covered include Anatomy Assessment Equipment, supplies Airway establishment Adult intubation Pediatric intubation Verifying placement Nasal and fiberoptic intubation Rapid sequence intubation RSI Awake intubation Extubation Tricks of the trade Common errors and how to avoid them Complications and Case studies