Anyone seriously interested in who we are and how we function should read this book Peter Forbes The Guardian Nessa Carey takes us on a lively and up to date tour of what s known about epigenetic mechanisms and their implications for ageing and cancer Laurence Hurst, University of Bath Focus Magazine Nessa Carey s book combines an easy style with a textbook s thoroughness A bold attempt to bring epigenetics to a wide audience Jonathan Weitzman Nature Carey s report on the rapidly developing state of epigenetics research may help nonscientists with public policy, investment, and health care decisions Booklist An exhilarating exploration of an exciting new field, and a good gift for a bright biologystudent looking for a career choice Kirkus Reviews An enlightening introduction to what scientists have learned in the past decade about epigenetics Carl Zimmer The Wall Street Journal This book provides an excellent introduction to a fascinating new field that may revolutionize our understanding of human health and disease Highly recommended Library Journal A must read for every intelligent person who likes to know what is going on in modern science Graham Storrs New York Journal of Books Carey provides an excellent and largely accurate account of a fascinating and fast moving area of modern biology Jonathan Hodgkin Times Literary Supplement Written in an engaging manner using everyday metaphors to clarify complex concepts and utilizing welldefined diagrams, the author has produced an outstanding book with her wit and expertise Rita Hoots NSTA Recommends National Science Teachers Association The new scientific field, epigenetics, is revolutionizing our understanding of the structure and behavior of biological life on Earth Epigenetic ideas help explain why mapping an organism s genetic code is simply not enough to determine how it develops or acts, and shows how nurture combines with nature to engineer biological diversity Surveying some of the key scientific investigations and breakthroughs in this field over the past twenty years, Nessa Carey paints a broad intellectual canvas that readers of science and medicine will find both fascinating and promising Her book helps us discover how we are muchthan the sum of our genetic codes

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