This set of lecture notes on quantum mechanics aims to teach, in a simple and straightforward manner, the basic theory behind the subject, drawing on examples from all fields of physics to provide both background as well as context The self contained book includes a review of classical mechanics and some of the necessary mathematics Both the standard fare of quantum mechanics texts the harmonic oscillator, the hydrogen atom, angular momentum as well as topics such as symmetry with a discussion on periodic potentials, the relativistic electron, spin and scattering theory are covered Approximation methods are discussed with a view to applications these include stationary perturbation theory, the Wkb approximation, time dependent perturbations and the variational principle Together, the seventeen chapters provide a very comprehensive introduction to quantum mechanics Selected problems are collected at the end of each chapter in addition to the numerous exercises sprinkled throughout the text The book is written in a simple and elegant style, and is characterized by clarity, depth and excellent pedagogical organization