If you think your brain and mind are one, think again According to the interpersonal neurobioligy pioneer Daniel J Siegel, the mind actually emerges out of the interaction between your brain and relationships Now, with The Neurobiology of We , Dr Siegel invites you on a journey to discover this revolutionary new model of human development one that can positively transform trauma, move you from stress to calm and equanimity, and promote well being for you, your family, or even your community

6 thoughts on “The Neurobiology of 'We': How Relationships, the Mind, and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Daniel J. Siegel, Daniel J. Siegel, Sounds True: Audible Audiobooks

  1. D. Hewitson D. Hewitson says:

    Really enjoyed listening to this A good insight into relationships and interactions Really helpful for classroom relationships On a personal level I have learned a lot about myself from listening to this book.

  2. elaine spare elaine spare says:

    Not easy to digest but a brilliant piece of work and very helpful for anyone studying psychodynamic theory or attachment.

  3. Designer G Designer G says:

    The best of the best Very thorough and detailed and he moves along quickly although he speaks to us like we are sitting there at a table sharing a cup of tea He explains well and in a very orderly fashion building up and up and up He is very humane, caring, real even though he is a psychiatrist He seem ed as fed up with the traditional medical system of training and focus of providing health care when he was told not to ask a patient how they were feeling as that wasn t their job as an MD really so he went his own way and developed this incredible teaching program for all of us I cannot recommend this highly enough Even though I have some training in counseling and felt I was or am psychological oriented and astute i.e know the jargon or most of it, understanding behavioral patterns, neuron firing, etc this is than a bit over my head, but I love it anyway I just need to listen to it over and over again With aging, I find it difficult to focus and if I stray even for 10 15 seconds, I will lose important segments to where he is going It is around 5 or 6 CDs well worth it NEEDS TO BE IN THE LIBRARY OF EVERY LICENSED THERAPIST, COACH, GUIDE, and for those into self healing and understanding My therapist friend recommended it to me He is good people.

  4. Elizabeth Bigelow Elizabeth Bigelow says:

    One of the best books I have listened to about relationship and communication in a long time I wish it can in a book form There are many pages that I would dog ear for future references I am not a therapist Daniel Siegel is not only well spoken but he communicates in way that keep the listeners interests.

  5. Chris Myers Chris Myers says:

    Listening to this in an audiobook, the narration is really helpful as the author helps it to make sense Its dense material, I have had to rewind a couple times and listen again Its worth it to listen I m genuinely coming to understand much about my life and my own psyche.

  6. B. Kaye B. Kaye says:

    For anyone who would like a wonderful experience into the workings of the social and internal mind brain relationship process This is an excellent audio book by Daniel Siegel, MD Not only is it an excellent listen for the professional but anyone who is interested in learning the neuroscience of relationship Sounds technical A bit but Dan ties the pieces of science to a working in the world of relationship model together His voice is captivating and I felt connected to him and the information right away It is a must read for anyone in the professional world of Psychiatry and Psychology as well as teachers or any kind This has no far reaching limits to who can benefit If you want to be effective about the impact you have on people you meet as you heal the ways in which people affected you along the way how these experiences actually create who we become then this book is for you.