The Unabridged, Downloadable Audiobook Edition Of Susan Cain S Groundbreaking Book Quiet, Brilliantly Read By Kathe Mazur In Quiet, The International Best Seller, Susan Cain Shows How The Brain Chemistry Of Introverts And Extroverts Differs, And How Society Misunderstands And Undervalues Introverts She Gives Introverts The Tools To Better Understand Themselves And Take Full Advantage Of Their Strengths Passionately Argued, Superbly Researched, And Filled With Real Stories, Quiet Will Permanently Change How We See Introverts And How You See Yourself

4 thoughts on “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

  1. Book Lover Book Lover says:

    I absolutely love this book It s the kind of book that you read and find yourself nodding along to, and then thinking about during the day, and then realising this example fits here and that situation is like that, and oh That s why.The writing is an excellent mix between research, case studies and thoughtful conclusions, all balanced so it never feels boring or overwhelming There is a section of endnotes, and because I was reading the Kindle version, the notes were all linked if you click on the note, it takes you to the endnotes with a longer explanation I get happy about the little things.The ideas are also incredibly interesting Not everything will apply to all introverts, but I d recommend this book to anyone it s really interesting to be challenged on how I view the world from an introvert perspective like arguing raising your voice means an attack But for extroverts, it s a sign of passion and involvement and it s really interesting to realise how those difference shape society and interactions with others.It s also so, so reassuring This is me This is some reasons why I might do the things I do, why I don t like parties in a certain format, why I need down time when other people don t It s being reminded that it s ok to be different, and that actually there are other people out there who are similar even if I live and work in a world that seems full of extroverts, it s ok to need alone time, and that my strengths don t have to lie in the same things listening, thoughtfulness and consideration are all important, even if they come at a cost of an immediate answer or participation in small talk It was also reassuring to realise that being able to extrovert on occasion is normal it just comes at of a cost to introverts than it does to extroverts Interesting, thoughtful, readable and inspiring the kind of book that leaves you thinking about it a long time after you ve shut it.

  2. Anya Abdulakh Anya Abdulakh says:

    Our society has placed extroverts as a golden standard parents, school and employers expect a child a person to be outgoing, confident and sociable Contributing to the discussions, taking an initiative, competitiveness and be good at public speaking seem to be a must for a bright future.What if your child is an introvert and does not like to be in the centre of public attention, prefers to have a deeper relationship with a smaller group of friends and occasionally needs to recharge the energy level by being on his her own My daughter turned 8 this week and she did not want to have any birthday party She does not enjoy competitions, she is uncomfortable joining new groups and takes her time to make new friends She enjoys playing imaginary games or reading a book At the same time, when at home or with a small group of friends, my daughter is a bubbly, chatty girl.As a mostly extrovert mum, I have made my share of mistakes with my child When adults try to talk to my daughter and she does not reply, I jump in with the comment, She is shy Worth of it, I would push my daughter to talk to adults like ordering in the restaurants to the extent that she would get so nervous and get a tick That made me stop and think I started to look for help in some books and , luckily, I came across a wonderful book by Susan Cain, Quiet The Power of Introverts in a World That Can t Stop.The book does not only explain the nature of introverts and helps to understand their character better, but also gives practical advice how to make sure you help introverts not to go against their nature but let them flourish in the culture of extroverts.Thank you Ms Cain for such a wonderful gift to the parents

  3. Shehzad Shehzad says:

    It was actually my wife who bought this book as she is an Introvert and naturally she loved it.To be brutally honest, as an extrovert, I was very sceptical about this book I was under the impression it would be soppy and introverts playing the victim card I could not have been any wrong For me this book was such an eye opener even though I have done MBTI before and was fairly well familiar with E v s I into understanding, not just introverts, but myself as an extrovert.I could not put the book down once I started it and I would recommend everyone to read it I ve actually recommended it in my book club at work Don t assume, as I did, that only introverts will have something to take from this book If, like me, your other half is an introvert, this book could really help improve communication in your couple.Talking is not always necessary a good book and a cuppa works just as well

  4. LF LF says:

    Frankly, we should all be reading this book whether we are introverts, extroverts, highly sensitive or whatever It seems, one way of being has become the only way to be , if you do not function that way, there is much labelling finger pointing And, let s not forget, we are all a mixture can change during our lives depending on what we re going through Tolerance of all types less assumption that to be different, automatically means mental instability