Internationally renowned theoretical physicist and bestselling author Lawrence Krauss offers provocative, revelatory answers to the biggest philosophical questions Where did our universe come from Why does anything exist And how is it all going to end Why is there something rather than nothing is the question atheists and scientists are always asked, and until now there has not been a satisfying scientific answer Today, exciting scientific advances provide new insight into this cosmological mystery not only can something arise from nothing, but something will always arise from nothing A mind bending trip back to the beginning of the beginning, A Universe from Nothing authoritatively presents the most recent evidence that explains how our universe evolved and the implications for how its going to end It will provoke, challenge, and delight readers to look at the most basic underpinnings of existence in a whole new way In the words of Richard Dawkins this could potentially be the most important scientific book since Darwins On the Origin of Species

7 thoughts on “A Universe From Nothing

  1. K B Dixon K B Dixon says:

    This requires concentration to understand and absorb I find that making one s own notes of critical points as one goes through it helps It is well illustrated with clear diagrams Key to the overall explanation is Quantum Theory or rather the quantum effects that make nothing an untenable concept Such mysteries as the the concept of nothing , including a space for nothing to exist in, the presence of energy in space and the existence of dark matter are explained This book is an admirable and necessary prelude to the following book by Laurence Krauss The Greatest Story Ever Told So Far Both are most highly recommended.

  2. matelot matelot says:

    This is brain exercise What did Krauss mean by nothing Nothing as in non existence, or no thing Is a vacuum nothing If there s a god, does he she it whatever understand science and logic What has God been doing since eternity Why create a universe now, after eternity If you could ask God, Why you what would it say As there s so much we don t understand, why shouldn t a universe come from nothing Why invoke a god from ignorance If giraffes could speak, God would be a giraffe Deny it.Another well written book for the genuinely open mined and curious.Life is about curiosity, not imprisonment by dogma.

  3. Winshill-D Winshill-D says:

    Always fascinated by space, time, dark matter and how incredibly minuscule we are in real terms, I hoped to scrape the surface from greater minds and just at least get an inkling of what is Out There.Of course, that is all I achieved A couple of breadcrumbs to add what I have accumulated from time to time.Speed reading through a few pages that were simply too hard for me to grasp but I loved it The distances and speeds involved here are mind bending.

  4. John Dexter John Dexter says:

    Few authors mangle the English language as well as Krauss, but fewer still manage to bring as much clarity to such complex ideas a paradox, certainly but Lawrence Krauss is a genius and this is a remarkable book.Doubtless, much will be made of his tortuous efforts to define nothing , but for me, Krauss definition is eminently satisfying that the simple declaration that nothing is the absence of anything or everything and as science continues to mature, I sense that Krauss view of the universe will prove accurate than that of his critics That Dawkins compares this book with On The Origin of Species says than any drivel that I can cobble together that alone makes this wonderful book worth reading.

  5. Gerard Griffin Gerard Griffin says:

    Not having ever studied physics, 90% of this book went over my head For the 10% that went in, it was worth the read A book that reveals just how much we do know and how much we do not know about the fascinating universe we live in A book that should make the most fundamentalist creationist rethink but then again, these people are impervious to logic and reason and established facts The author goes out of his way to explain very complex concepts in easy to understand language Recommended.

  6. Yetiman in Clent. Yetiman in Clent. says:

    Absorbing book that challenges and informs and leaves you wanting to keep picking it up and reading stays with you through the day as you day to day life into perspective of our universe over millions of years and across space time.

  7. Robert Oxford Robert Oxford says:

    I was hooked by the free sample but after that it just went totally beyond my feeble brain and I suspect most people s No doubt an interesting book if you have a science degree.