Being able to follow and create control diagrams means we can observe how things are working and troubleshoot when required Your ability to repair and maintain installations using a control diagram is proof of your expertise and skill as an electrician It will secure your position as electrician in any organization A control diagram uses symbols to indicate the sequence of specific tasks in a logical way Tasks such as connecting or disconnecting the power for certain devices or interlocking different electrical devices are explained by control diagrams For electricians, control diagrams can be one of the most challenging aspects of the job since they require us to be able to make careful observations and think things through in a logical way They require us to consciously process our understanding This book will be punctual referring exactly to the subject readable on titleThe scope of the book is to teaching you to draw and understand how the control wiring diagram is working for three phase motor in two specific diagrams for Manual Motor Starter Magnetic Motor StarterA lot of diagrams and pictures will help you easy understand how thighs are in regards with electrical motorsThe book is designed to be a support for the electricians working as maintenance electricians and construction electriciansIt will be a real support for those who like this field and would like to become electrician