Everybody knows that Thomas Edison devised electric light and domestic electricity supplies, that Guglielmo Marconi thought up radio and George Westinghouse built the world s first hydro electric power station Everybody knows these facts but they are wrongThe man who dreamt up these things also invented, inter alia, the fluorescent light, seismology, a worldwide data communications network and a mechanical laxative His name was Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American scientist, and his is without doubt this century s greatest unsung scientific heroHis life story is an extraordinary series of scientific triumphs followed by a catalog of personal disasters Perpetually unlucky and exploited by everyone around him, credit for Tesla s work was appropriated by several of the West s most famous entrepreneurs Edison, Westinghouse and Marconi among them After his death, information about Tesla was deliberately suppressed by the FBIUsing Tesla s own writings, contemporary records, court transcripts and recently released FBI files, The Man who Invented the Twentieth Century pieces together for the first time the true extent of Tesla s scientific genius and tells the amazing tale of how his name came to be so widely forgotten Nikola Tesla is the engineer who gave his name to the unit of magnetic flux The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century Robert s biography of his childhood hero was launched at theOrkney Science Festival, where Robert gave a talk on Tesla in conjunction with Andrej Detela from the Department of Low and Medium Energy Physics at the Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubijana, SloveniaReviewsRobert Gaitskell, a vice president of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, writing in the Times Higher Education Supplement, said Robert Lomas is to be congratulated on an easy to read life of a tortured genius The book not only takes takes us through the roller coaster fortunes of Tesla, but also has well constructed chapters on the history of electrical research and on lighting Although dealing at times, with difficult technical concepts, it never succumbs to jargon and remains intelligible to the informed lay person throughout Every scientist or engineer would enjoy this tale of errant brilliance, and a younger student would be enthused towards a research careerAngus Clarke, writing in the Times Metro Magazine said Nikola Tesla is the forgotten genius of electricity He invented or laid the groundwork for many things we take for granted today including alternating current, radio, fax and e mail A Croatian immigrant to America inTesla combined genius with gaping character flaws and an uncanny ability to be ripped off by everyone This is scientific popularisation at its most readableEngineering and Technology Magazine said This book is fun, which is not something one often says about engineering booksTesla is most widely known for the magnetic unit that bears his name, but sadly little else This book is a thoroughly entertaining way of correcting that injustice, a must for engineers, especially electrical ones

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  1. M. Hillmann M. Hillmann says:

    I bought the Tesla car It sparked my curiosity I discovered a big hole in my education Michael Faraday, Benjamin Franklin and Edison were the originators of electricity as I understood it Robert Lomas paints a very convincing picture that the man who gave electricity to the world was Nikola Tesla Robert Lomas describes in a very accessible way the principles underlying DC and AC power Tesla developed the idea of generating electricity at low voltage and high current to avoid sparking and insulator breakdown in the generator , transmitting at very high voltage and low current so there is very little heating loss and then transforming into low voltage in the home to avoid electrocution Edison s first attempts at electricity distribution needed power stations within a mile of their use because he could only safely transmit DC at low voltages for domestic use Tesla s inventions allowed direct current DC to be transmitted at high voltage , thus avoiding transmission losses, and then transformed into alternating current AC reversing flow at least 100 times per second for use in the home This became the basis of the National Grid for distributing electricity at 11,000 volts for safe use in the home at 240 volts.After Westinghouse bought Tesla s AC patents for a pittance he returned to his experiments on the rate of reversal of AC electricity and developed the theory of resonance and frequency which underlies today s seismology and led to the development of the electric circuit which is the basis of all radio and television sets we use today Marconi then this idea into practice.Robert Lomas also describes in very human terms the difference in approach of Edison and Tesla Edison was an astute businessman with a genius of taking other people s ideas and turning them into something practical Tesla was a cultured man, a Serbian linguist and philosopher and a dedicated, immensely hardworking and the brilliant inventor with no aptitude or interest in commercialisation.The scientific community have honoured Tesla with naming a unit for measuring magnetism after him, but most have not known of him He died alone and broke in a hotel room Unlike Edison, Westinghouse, Marconi and Morgan no companies keep his memory alive.But since this book was written Elon Musk has brought Tesla back into the limelight.

  2. Miss J. Surreal Miss J. Surreal says:

    Tesla Well, say the name and one would expect to be reading about Elon Musk s company It s a sad indictment of society when the name Tesla doesn t bring to mind the Leonardo Da Vinci of the 20th Century It should.I looked on eBay and couldn t find a book about him That s astonishing Here s this brilliant mind on legs who foresaw and developed basically modern day life, and nothing.Thankfully had this well written, easy to understand book about his life and work, though admittedly it s a hard feat to pull off as little exists about him personally.Although it doesn t have my favourite story about Tesla with the white pigeon he fell in love with, and few photos as few exist, Lomas writes about Tesla s often floral and poetic way of describing things, his isolation, his ineptitude at business, and the frankly crap way Edison treated him, he was an utter piece of turd anyway what he did with animals and plagiarising others inventions.Lomas makes quite complex science digestible, explaining how carbon light bulbs were made, how Tesla made lightening, the first a c current, how he saw a future of wireless electricity, and his traumas growing up with a family who really didn t see his worth.One thing though, the book cover is a bit flimsy I had to curl the front cover over several times as it flapped up, which was a bit irritating.I d deffo recommend this if like me you are a fan of Tesla, and would like to read about what he invented, a bit about his personality and the inventions he made and predicted.

  3. Bluelight Bluelight says:

    This book is extremely well written and takes you through the ups and downs of Tesla s life.Even if you don t understand the technical things the author makes the story so interesting that you cannot put it down and will satisfy the non techies as well.If your are a electrician or a student of electrics you will find it even interesting.You will be surprised at inventions that were credited to other famous engineers that were in fact Tesla s invention.A very good book.

  4. Mr . Review . Mr . Review . says:

    The author is far too critical of Tesla in relation to his lack of business skills and also his public speaking skills This I did not like Tesla was a humanitarian first and foremost and the author needs to understand this In the book there are no references at all to the spiritual end of Tesla and even a basic list of the many things Tesla had invented would have been nice but was not forthcoming Only a few were mentioned in the book There has to be better books on the market on Tesla other than this one.

  5. Cliente mysteries-detectives.co Cliente mysteries-detectives.co says:

    Perhaps Tesla is now better known in the US than in Europe apart from his native Croatia or Serbia One negative point far too many typographical errors.

  6. EC EC says:

    An amazing book reflecting on an amazing man.

  7. Má men Má men says:

    nice light reading for interesting life story The book is short and gives a good starting point for thoose looking to know a bit about N Tesla

  8. David Michael Hare David Michael Hare says:

    I really enjoyed learning about Tesla s life and work I found the story to be inspiring, though certainly tragic The writing was less exciting with odd repetition of at times entire sentences verbatim The timeline was in places obscure Assumptions were made by the author of underlying psychological motivations Looking back I wish the writing had been as amazing as the story.

  9. Janelle Janelle says:

    This book was an amazingly easy read with very precise and condensed story telling of the man Nicola Tesla Absolutely amazing aspects about his childhood and what affected him early on and throughout his life Depicting as accurately as it can about how he felt and how he shaped into his older age I especially liked how Mr Lamos really tried to portray how it felt to be in the shoes of Nicola Tesla He speculated how it might of felt to want to change the world and immediately be shut down because of corruption and greed Lamos tried his hardest to make it a brief history of electricity while following Nicola Tesla and his actions There were a few grammar errors within the book and weird flow that forced you to stop and reread some paragraphs or passages two or three times in a row But in all was a great read I got a short review of the history of electricity and how some of his major works work, which by all means was absolutely fascinating but threw me in for a real loop since I have personally reviewed a small amount of his patents of Tesla s patents This book isn t something to read if you want a huge in depth knowledge of how electricity works, it is here to shine some insight on who Nicola Tesla was and give us a good read to ponder about him I accomplished my goal with this book to find out about one of the most interesting scientists I have ever heard of.

  10. JDC JDC says:

    I ve read a number of books about Nicola Tesla, who is not only one of the most brilliant men of the 20th century, but one of the most overlooked This book takes a different approach to portraying the man compared to many other biographies of him, but in doing so, helps to fill in the picture and provide a better overall portrait of the man and his unusual personality I especially liked the way that Thomas Edison is portrayed the polar opposite of Testa in skill and temperament And who, unlike Testa, has received great and largely undeserved accolades.

  11. Dallas Johnson Dallas Johnson says:

    I am not one to read a book, like at all But for one of my college classes, I had to read a book related to my field engineering and write up a report about it This book was a very easy and informative read The only problem that I found is that there are some typos in various places in the book, but not a huge deal.

  12. Stel Pavlou Stel Pavlou says:

    Well researched and a great primer on Tesla s life and work For such a small book it packs a lot in.

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    This was a very interesting read.Very detailed account was a bit tedious but all worth it in the end I walked with a greater sense of appreciation for all the scientific achievements that have made our lives so much easier to live in the twentieth century We take so much for granted Read it and become enlightened.

  14. Patrick Ryan Patrick Ryan says:

    Basic information was there writing could have been polishedodd editing mistakes.

  15. William Fiest And Fiest William Fiest And Fiest says:

    Wonderful insight into Nikola Tesla s life and accomplishments Written in a sympathetic and caring way so as to understand how he came to make some of the decisions he made regarding his inventions and discoveries I m sure I ll read it again down the road.