Get under your skin with this accessallareas guide to the human body Discover a breathtaking portrait of the human body as its never been seen before using the latest medical and microscopic imaging The Complete Human Body covers the development form function and disorders of the human body all brought to life by incredible stateoftheart D computergenerated artworks Take a detailed look at how your respiratory system works discover the anatomy upclose and learn about overdiseases and how they afflict the human body Perfect for students families and health professionals

15 thoughts on “The Complete Human Body

  1. Anon Anon says:

    Bought this as I trust the author Mainly for 12 year old as a reference book to help with Biology through secondary school and beyond So much better than going online to find everything this book has so much detail it looks as though everything needed to know about the body is in here Written precisely and presented clearly with large page numbers to help when flicking from the index.

  2. aqua86 aqua86 says:

    This book is amazing quality so I feel that the price is somewhat justified It is quite a large, thick book with lot s of detail and beautiful colourful illustrations This will be fantastic for somebody who is interested in learning foundation intermediate level knowledge about the human body but may not be suitable for somebody who requires in depth advanced level information I really like it though and highly recommend it.

  3. Theo1000 Theo1000 says:

    Most pleased with this lovely heavy book, I have recently been diagnosed with a blocked artery and will require unblocking and stent so wanted a illustrated book on the human body, this book is great with lovely 3d colour graphics and easy to understand explanations, I am now understanding better how our amazing bodies work and encouraged to study it than ever before.

  4. Mr B Mr B says:

    Everything you need to know about the body The book is detailed and pictures are amazing and extremely clear Great book

  5. Jenny K Jenny K says:

    Bought for my neice who is doing her GCSEs human biology is her fav subject Nearly didn t give it to her as very interesting well set out so easy to understand A great book.

  6. H.Bee H.Bee says:

    Very large and heavy book but with large diagrams and plenty of explanation

  7. Josh Josh says:

    I bought this one for me, but I haven t been able to get near it My five and seven year old girls ripped it straight from my hands as I unpacked it It s easy to see why with such extraordinary illustrations lavished throughout The girls then proceeded to press my wife and I on every detail on page after slightly explicit page If you feel a sense of awe over the inner workings of the human body, and would like to share that with your young family, then I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

  8. Mrs. M. M. Daly Mrs. M. M. Daly says:

    Great book, very clear illustrations and diagrams, interesting content Suitable for all inquiring minds My daughter is studying human biology and she loves the diagrams.

  9. Bhupesh Patel Bhupesh Patel says:

    This book described everything very beautifuly and I personally love this book, you don t need to be a medical student it s for everybody who want to know about The Great Human Body.

  10. Kaniraj Kaniraj says:

    An excellent reference book for every household Very informative with bold and clear pictures.The very small font size used in text and the very thin lines used to indicate the parts pose difficulties for easy reading At some places it is difficult to distinguish the text and lines from the background I suggest the publishers may include a magnifying glass which can attached to one of the inside covers of the book.

  11. Ankur Tiwari Ankur Tiwari says:

    I had bought this Book primarily to understand How Human Body works, organs and the internal functioning to the Gene level However after opening, my 6 year old Son was so mesmerized by looking at the Pictures and diagrams that i had to slow read to him and explain the basics.Its like a foundation on which our Body is build and makes sense to a person who has not even studied Biology as a subject.The Diagrams, pictures adds to the excellent explanation and they make much sense than the text.I would highly recommend this to people of all Ages who are curious to learn about Human Body Excellent also for Kids to make them understand Human organs and thereby the concept of Healthy diet.

  12. Frances Frances says:

    DK books is like the Readers Digest in information they give you what you need to know without adding in unnecessarily lengthy wording that ends up being too much They are informative without being exhausting They break it down I was not using this book as a scientific background but would be a good if you are getting into that area, brush up on anatomy before taking courses

  13. Krishna Krishna says:

    Product is good as expected and price is very good on range delivered on time

  14. Dr Nitin Vanjari Dr Nitin Vanjari says:

    Amazing experience to read this book, I usually read it after coming back from clinic to review my knowledge.

  15. Sanjeev Kumar Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Good book