Quantum theory is the most revolutionary discovery in physics since Newton This book gives a lucid, exciting, and accessible account of the surprising and counterintuitive ideas that shape our understanding of the sub atomic world It does not disguise the problems of interpretation that still remain unsettledyears after the initial discoveries The main text makes no use of equations, but there is a Mathematical Appendix for those desiring stronger fare Uncertainty, probabilistic physics, complementarity, the problematic character of measurement, and decoherence are among the many topics discussed This volume offers the reader access to one of the greatest discoveries in the history of physics and one of the outstanding intellectual achievements of the th century

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  1. Peter Chapman Peter Chapman says:

    It was OK for the first twenty pages or so, but from then on it was a waste of time my reading it Very dense and very poorly written Some of the sentences were so badly written I found myself mentally rewriting them I m sure that I could edit the book and reduce the number of words in it by 50%.An example An electron does not all the time possess a definite position or a definite mometum, but rather it possesses the potentiality for exhibiting one of these if a measurement turns the potentiality into an actuality I think this means We cannot measure the position and momentum of an electron simultaneoulsly at a given time point

  2. bilb-weil.de Customer bilb-weil.de Customer says:

    There is meat in this book than most on this weird subject, and I apreciate the unconventional inclusion of the maths in the appendix The history of the development of the theory, from an author who was actually involved in it and knew most of the peoiple involved, is really great.There is a detailed description of eigenvectors, but no explanation of its use in the theury And the maths has to be done in Hilbert space What s that Nearly a great book.

  3. Richard FFord Richard FFord says:

    I learned quantum mechanics at university, for my first degree in chemistry This book is a beautiful exposition of the subject by a master in communication BUT you still have to develop a way of thinking to get inside quantum mechanics Despite Polkinghorne s ability in describing things, I am not sure that this will do it.Even so, a first class refresher for me fifty years on

  4. Mark Douglas Mark Douglas says:

    I bought this book to remind myself of the basics of quantum mechanics, as a first year module at uni was a very long time ago now The development of quantum theory is placed in its proper historical context and the rudiments of quantum theory are built up sensibly the mathematics is relegated to an appendix and can be skipped over if you wish So far so good.I have two main issues with this book The first is that the author s prose can be hard going as he seems to want to prove that his command of English matches his command of path integrals The second is the mathematical appendix Mathematics is the natural language of all things quantum and putting the climax of each section into an appendix feels disjointed In this kind of book I believe that readers expect the occasional formula in the main text, even if only to skip over them.

  5. Luke Luke says:

    I always seem to love these books, as a Meng Software Engineering student I have a keen interest in alot of aspects of engineering, and when I begin a project starting something new I always look for one of these A Very Short Introduction books, ever since I first read A Very Short Introduction To Cryptography I have a vast collection of these all from different authors they are perfectly pocket sized for taking anywhere so you can read them any chance you get, not too overwhelming yet give a very nice insight into the fundamentals or foundations of the subjects, I have yet to find one that disappoints.For computer scientists looking for a book after this one I would highly recommend Quantum Computing from Cambridge University.

  6. PodHunter PodHunter says:

    Good overview of various bits of Quantum Theory Probably for the partially initiated rather than someone with no physics background I read it as a refresher and to bring me up to date with Quantum Theory first learned forty years ago.

  7. Georgia Georgia says:

    It s a handy little book It gets in, says what it needs to say, and then gets out As the title of the book suggests, it s a very short introduction Due to this it wouldn t be an ideal textbook for those who may be looking for one It s of a refresher on the topic or a teaser to get you intrigued into reading elsewhere.

  8. Peter Peter says:

    I am no quantum physicist nor am I ever likely to be However I wanted to read something on the subject after seeing some fascinating TV programmes on it This short book went some way towards explaining something on the subject which I found both interesting and only slightly enlightening If you enjoy an adventurous read give it a go No guarantees on this one though.

  9. vadim vadim says:

    F r zwischendurch ist es ganz OK Interessant ist das es erkl rt wird wie die Wissenschaftler zu der Quanten Theorie gekommen sind.

  10. Charo Charo says:

    Es lo,que esperaba ya que me gustan estos ibros

  11. Frank Allen Frank Allen says:

    It s OK Book did not go far enough Mathematical appendix did not explain notation

  12. Soumabrata Soumabrata says:

    Very good book

  13. Bear Bear says:

    Just the right amount of detail