This looks like it might be a book worth pursuing however the Kindle version preview here as for many other books, particularly technical ones is almost entirely useless for purposes of a purchasing decision Generally speaking, Kindle editions of books which are sensitive to formatting seem to be disappointing, for which reason I tend to stick to hard copy purchases The technology is doubtless still evolving but I, for one, would at least be allowed the opportunity of perusing something in a format comparable to what I might end up buying This little book concentrates on the foundations of modern physics its ABC s and its most fundamental constants c the velocity of light and the quantum of action First of all, the book is addressed to professional physicists, but in order to achieve maximal concentration and clarity it uses the simplest high school mathematics As a result many pages of the book will be useful to college students and may appeal to a general audience As a non scientist, I appreciate this book Well written and clear, answered a lot of my questions as well as those I get asked by younger members of the family.